How to Build an Effective Retail Store Display with POP

Leveraging retail space involves styling the displays intuitively to boost sales. Of late, retail displays are considered iconic fixtures in shopping malls. They inspire ‘window shopping.’ Most shoppers immediately relate to the magnetic allure of interesting displays, which invites visitors to touch, feel, try on, and discover the newest and exciting products.

Whilst most people do not intend to buy the item, a compelling store display can be your fixed salesperson converting onlookers into first-time customers. Wondering how you can master the tact of glass display cases, or any store display, to give an electric appeal to your store? We have a few tried and tested tips to guide you.

Retail Store Display – What Is It?

Retail displays at a store make up everything of the collections in-store configured throughout the location. It includes counter shelves, mannequin pods, and other signs or items that demand customer attention. The primary purpose of glass display cases or in-store displays is to allow visitors to preview new merchandise, showcase jewellery or outfits, advertise sales, or demonstrate product usage.

Point of Purchase (POP) Retail Display

POP retail displays are incredible to attract potential customers. This unfailing tactic remains pivotal for retail. Retail stores are exploring different POP display units to showcase merchandise.

Let’s learn more about many types of POP displays and how it boosts your marketing endeavours to increase sales.

Dump Bin Displays

Shopping malls and clothing outlets often use dump bins or an enormous container stocked with exclusively packaged products. It is a common and straightforward display option. Small items such as toys, candies, socks, and other accessories can be displayed in these giant bins. The idea provokes impulsive purchases by strategically piling cute items together for an aesthetic appeal.

Dump bins have become the most tempting sales magnets that increase the sales of displayed products in retail stores.

Freestanding Display Units

If you are looking for more organized yet smaller units for display, freestanding tools are excellent choices. You can place products in these displays and make them more accessible to visitors, from all angles, making it easier to handpick. They also display larger products, but on hooks or shelves.

They are the perfect retail display items for products such as body lotions, shampoo bottles, hand and foot creams, hair conditioners, etc.

Door Display Units

Displays positioned at the entrance of a retail store are self-explanatory. Here, the entryway of the store is used for product promotion. You may even choose to set up another outdoor display right at the entryway if there is enough space.

This retail display strategy works for visual merchandisers effectively. It can even work for your business if utilized creatively to make the best out of these marketing displays.

Window Retail Displays

Window displays have been trending for quite some time, for good reasons. This display tactic works like glue for most retailers and brands. Although it is consider-ed an expensive arrangement with products display-ed on shelves in the windows, it is worth the marketing budget.

With window displays, your products are visible to people even without setting their foot inside your store. If they want to buy what they are seeing, they would immediately walk into the store and purchase the product.

Retail Display Shelving Ideas

When products are displayed in a retail store on traditional shelves, it is called shelving. Shelving is a great option to display multiple products and create a variety for customers. It is the most fantastic improvisation that can keep store visitors busy.

Your options include:

Endcap Display Shelves

These are two-sided shelved, commonly found in grocery stores and supermarkets. These marketing displays can attract potential customers navigating the store.

Hand Tags

Hand tags or shelf-talkers are sensational product display strategies that can help customers distinguish between products. They can also act as promotional signage that business owners and brands use to educate their customers, make merchandise stand out, and communicate vital information like promotion, offers, discounts, etc. They build awareness as potential customers reach out as well as assess products, despite not intending to buy them. With these retail displays placed strategically, you cannot have your potential buyers ignore the products.

Clip Strips

Therefore, clip strips are a sensation in retail displays. It can hold small products together using long hanging strips. If you deal in small but significant products such as eyelash curlers, eyeliners, chapsticks, and similar, you can choose these influential displays to grab customer attention.

Clip strips are increase-d beneficial for cross-merchandising. You can use them to display small-sized products alongside bigger items. Use imagination to the optimum to boost your sales.

Final Word

In conclusion, with these useful retail display strategies, you can now choose the best option for your business. Simple and elegant glass display cabinets are the best fit for any kind of retail showcase. You may also want glass display cases with a lock and key for the security of the expensive items stored inside. Regardless, make a wise choice.

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