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How to choose a leather coat by body type

Leather goods are a rather pretentious wardrobe item that attracts a lot of attention. Which means that with a careless selection of style. Therefore, it is important that the coat is suitable for the type of figure and emphasizes the dignity of its owner.

The ideal hourglass shape fits any style, but you should pay attention to the length. Maxi models are shown only for tall girls. For the rest it is better to give preference to styles with an emphasis on the waist.

A coat for girls with a triangle shape should balance wide hips and fragile shoulders. There will be flared styles with a thin belt. Which will highlight the waist and create the illusion of an hourglass.

A double-breasted coat, fur collar or puff sleeves will also help to adjust the proportions. But straight cut and patch pockets are best avoided.

When the shoulders, waist, and hips are about the same width, the figure looks like a rectangle. To smooth out its corners and add flowing, feminine lines, choose A-line models and a bell coat with a belt and knee length. And the oversized cut and asymmetrical cut can give the necessary volume.

Large patch pockets and flare will help accent the lower body

When choosing a coat for the “apple” figure, focus on straight loose styles and shortened semi-adjacent models with restrained decor. This will help to stretch the silhouette and hide the unexpressed waist.

The asymmetrical cut looks good, as well as the color block version

Short and too long models are contraindicated for girls with curvaceous forms. The best option is a fitted monophonic coat up to the knees or slightly higher, which will emphasize the smooth curves of the body.

Popular colors and models of coats with leather sleeves

Whether in winter or spring, the coat is very popular among lovers of feminine and elegant models. This year, if you want to add a little punk to your look, we recommend choosing a coat with leather sleeves, and even if you do not want to add rocker notes to your look, we still recommend choosing this particular model. This fashionable trend can be found in the collections of the most famous brands. We advise you to think a little and buy this interesting stylish outfit for the winter or spring.

Moreover, the collections of the new season offer the most incredible styles that amaze the imagination with the boldness of their decisions. Decor elements, inlays, additional overhead details – all this creates the impression of a huge variety of outfits.

With the right choice of the model, a complete impression of layering is created, and this is the current trend of modern everyday style. The collections feature styles with detachable details – a kind of transformer is obtained that allows you to transform an element of outerwear into a sleeveless jacket, vest or dress in the blink of an eye. This material offers popular colors and models that deserve to take their place in your everyday wardrobe in the cool season.


When choosing a coat, special attention should be paid to the material of the product. The best option is a cashmere coat. It is very soft, hygroscopic, perfectly retains heat, you will feel comfortable in it in almost any weather. Cashmere is expensive, but high quality is worth the price.

A woolen coat is considered a good option for winter or late autumn. Due to the fact that the threads of the product fit tightly to each other, you will feel warm and comfortable in it. The only drawback of such a product is the need for proper care. Also, some people develop allergic reactions to wool.
The drape is a sturdy, heavy woolen version, so this outerwear will allow you to keep warm in the autumn-winter period. If outerwear is sewn from the drape, at least 70% wool must be present in the material. Only in this case the coat retains heat well and protects from the wind.

Woolen, woolen or cashmere?

The imagination of modern designers is so wide and varied that it is difficult to surprise us with something. A coat with sleeves made of a different material is fully consistent with the trends of modern , and it also responds to other trends. Such a model can not only become a part of your wardrobe, but also make an image for autumn-winter unforgettable.

Winter coat and fur inserts

A winter coat with leather sleeves can also be made of drape or tweed. But the sleeves should be made of genuine leather, which will keep you warm. We also advise you to choose a model with elements of fur inserts – and not only to make the coat look more luxurious, because it is also a stylish element, which, moreover, perfectly retains heat. Their fur can be made of any part of the coat – for example, a collar or a hood. A coat with leather sleeves and fur inserts on the front and on the cuffs looks gorgeous – it can be easily worn as an element of an evening wardrobe, although it is better to choose a shortened model. Also, many stylists noted the model in which leather inserts are combined with fur.

leather sleeve coat

Some designers decided to add unusual details even to an ordinary synthetic winter coat – and did not lose. The model really looks very unusual, especially when it comes with a fur hood. It will keep you warm in winter and will give you a lot of interested looks.

What is the price

As for the pricing policy for this type of coat, everything is not obvious here. First of all, you need to understand that coats with leather sleeves, like ordinary coats, have different lengths, styles, fabrics, accessories, etc. Naturally, these factors affect the price of the product. The most important attribute – leather inserts – also significantly affects the price of a coat. Choosing a coat with leather sleeves, you can see the price of both 1,500 rubles and over 15,000 rubles. What are the differences?

What can make a coat with leather sleeves more expensive:

  • fur
  • accessories
  • material

A coat with a price range of 1500 – 7500 rubles has sleeves made of eco-leather or a leather substitute, that is, not genuine leather is used, but a cheaper analogue. If the price ranges from 7500-15000 and above, then with a probability of 90% natural leather is used for the sleeves (the main thing is not to fall for a fake, passed off as natural leather). A wide range of prices makes it possible to choose both a cheap and an expensive model, which is important for the buyer.

Colors: black and white, brown and beige

The classic black and white version will never go out of fashion, but in the coming season, designers decided to pay attention to other equally popular colors – beige, gray, brown or white. Brighter colors are also available, such as green, red, orange and blue. The color scheme is designed in stylish colors traditional for 2020. Which will emphasize the individuality of the image of a timely girl.

A black coat with leather sleeves is a classic option that can be used for an ensemble in any style. Usually stylists advise against choosing a thing from the same material as the sleeves. But for a punk style look, and for youth ensembles, there is nothing terrible in combination with this style of coat, leather trousers or leggings. For a casual style, stylists recommend combining with skinny jeans and ankle boots with voluminous heels, and it’s good if they are in a contrasting color. A dress with a leopard print is suitable for a club or a gala evening. In this case, the rest of the elements should be made in the same color scheme.

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