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How To Choose The Right Pipe For Your Plumbing System

Plumbing is important in any household or establishment. This relates to things concerning many aspects of an area. From structure to sanitation, there are a lot of things your plumbing system affects. Therefore, it is only right to choose the right pipe for your plumbing system to ensure that it works efficiently and correctly.

Pipes come from many materials and uses. From BI pipes to PVC pipes, there is a wide array of options to choose from. This might be something that can overwhelm you when it comes to a renovation or your next plumbing project.

So, to make things easier, here are some ways to choose the right pipe you need for your plumbing system:

Type of Water

Depending on where you live, the water going through your pipes may be corrosive. Corrosive water refers to water that dissolves materials it comes into contact with. Corrosive water is problematic in your home. The last thing you want is your pipes degrading only a few years after they’ve been installed. 

Although the water itself isn’t harmful, when it corrodes copper and metal pipes, it also dissolves copper and leads into the water supply, which does pose health concerns. A water test conducted by a professional determines the level of acidity in your water source.

Plumbing Usage

The amount of water pressure you require is another important determinant in finding the correct plumbing pipe for your property. Chances are, if you are looking for a plumbing solution in a commercial space, you are seeking high water pressure. 

To maintain high water pressure, a pipe will need to be wide and durable enough to sustain the significant force. Plastic pipes are usually the best option in this case, as they are specifically designed for this use.

If you are looking to reduce operating costs, you should also consider the smoothness of pipes. A smooth inside improves water flow, reducing the amount of resistance, and therefore water required. Brass piping is known to be the most smooth because it doesn’t rust in the interior.

Soil Type

The composition of the soil surrounding your pipes has significant effects on their durability. Soil with excess rocks, moisture, and abrasive materials will eventually degrade your pipes. It’s also important to look at the chemical composition of the soil. Sometimes, soil with excess minerals can create a reaction. This applies when it comes into contact with certain pipe materials.

Pressure Rating

In general, the pressure rating for PVC pipe depends on the diameter of the pipe, the operating temperature and whether the pipe is the standard schedule 40 PVC. This can also be determined if the thicker-walled schedule 80 PVC, which is usually dark gray. The pressure rating goes down as the pipe diameter gets larger and as the operating temperature gets warmer.

Understanding the pressure rating will help you assess which materials can withstand the pressure that suits your needs.

Sunlight Exposure

Sun has similar effects on pipes as it does on our skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays deteriorate the surface quality of plastic pipes over time, making them more vulnerable to issues and decreasing their lifespan. 

Excess exposure to sunlight can also cause problems related to changes in temperature. PVC pipes aren’t used to carry hot water. So, it’s not a good idea to have them installed in areas that naturally reach high temperatures. To combat this, many plumbers will use insulating materials to prevent temperature fluctuations. These fluctuations are mostly affecting pipe quality.

Key Takeaway

It’s important to choose the right pipe for any remodel, renovation, or repair job. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Many types of plumbing pipes are widely used today. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages in different applications.

Regardless of the piping material used, you can reduce project costs by optimizing the plumbing system layout. This will reduce the total piping length required, along with fittings and labor costs.

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