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How to clean a 4 wheeler kid’s car? 

clean a 4 wheeler

Your child is finally old enough to ride in the front seat of your vehicle. They are excited and it’s time to teach them how to buckle up. You show them the belt, they try to hold it but can’t get their hands in just right. You reach over and help, then you realize that there’s a little bit of drool on their chin! Your 4-wheeler has seen better days too, with leaves stuck in the seats or mud all over its tires. It doesn’t matter whether you drive an SUV or minivan; kids make messes no matter what car you have. Teach your youngster how to clean up after themselves with these tips for cleaning a four-wheelers kids car!

Mix dish soap with water in a bucket


To make a foamy mixture,  pour the dish soap into the bucket and fill it with water.  The soap will float on top of your mixture until you are ready to use it.

Use the foamy mixture

Take some of the foamy mixtures and scrub dirty areas quickly to clean them off!  Dish soap can remove grease very well because it cuts through oil.

Scrub off the greasy or sticky stuff

You can also use this method for removing other kinds of dirt or stains. This is good if there’s something else instead of grease that needs to be removed, like grass stains around a garden shed

Dip your rag into the soapy mixture and wipe down the car’s exterior.

You’re going to need a bucket of soapy water, a sponge or cloth rag, and a dry rag.

If you have a hose nearby, turn the nozzle onto low power and direct a strong flow of water at the car’s exterior. The idea is not to completely eliminate all soap from the car’s exterior but to reduce it enough that you can then remove excess soap with your dry rag. If there are stubborn stains on the paintwork then you may wish to employ some elbow grease here. Try not to get underneath the wipers/fascia if they’re still damp as this will mark them out. While there are differing opinions regarding whether or not


Dry off any wet spots with another dry towel


Once you’ve done this, your car’s exterior should be spotless. If it isn’t, repeat the steps above until it is. Dry off any wet spots with another dry towel and leave your car to air-dry for a little bit longer before going back over it with a chamois leather or microfiber cloth to remove any remaining water. Setting yourself a 30-minute time limit per panel is a good idea as rushing through the process will result in subpar results.

Pour some of the bucket’s contents onto your rag and wipe down the exterior bodywork from top to bottom – do not go in circles! Use gentle pressure rather than hard rubbing as this could damage the paintwork. Be sure to focus on

Concluding paragraph: 

Cleaning your kid’s car is not a job for the faint of heart, but with these tips, you can do it in less time and without too much hassle. Here are our top three best practices to get any kid’s vehicle spick-and-span so they can always be proud of their ride!  1) Start by washing all surfaces inside and out with soap or shampoo. 2) Use the right products on the seat upholstery that will protect against spills yet still allow easy cleaning when messes happen 3) Rinse off accumulated dirt from wheels with water then dry them completely after each wash. With this routine, you’ll have no worries about what’s lurking in your kiddo’s


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