How to Create an On-demand Super App Like Grab?

Decades ago, if someone had said that mobile phones would be a great forum for conducting , we wouldn’t have trusted them. But now, the reality is upside down, where mobile applications like super app are dominating the daily-day activities. This was well predicted by Bill Gates in 1994, who hinted at how banking is more important than having banks. After two decades, digital banking is taking the lead in financial activities. 

Super apps are playing an important role in establishing a network to seek all major services under one roof. Grab is the best example of how Super apps perform. This multipurpose app is home to numerous on-demand services. 

Launching an super app is not an easy task as there are several complexities involved in it. Right from the place of ideation to execution, you need to pay attention to sorting them. This blog will throw the limelight on discussing insights to be learned in order to launch a multi-services app. 

Going Back To The Roots Of Grab 

Grab was launched in 2012 as an online taxi booking platform under the name of MyTeksi. While initiating the business, their major concern was to provide incredible taxi booking services to people. When Anthony had his education at Havard business school, he had this emphasis on offering safer journeys to people. But to do so, they need investors who can invest millions of dollars into the business.

Uber dominated Malaysia for a long time, and the arrival of Grab was more like a bolt from the blue. They felt more comfortable riding with them than any other taxi service. This made it a huge hit in the market. When their business was going at a high pace, they came to know that many of their drivers did not have bank accounts. The Grab financial division decided to create accounts for the drivers and also to help them with getting loans for them. 

The March Towards Fintech Services 

On the verge of opening accounts for their drivers, they came to know that in SouthEast Asia, out of 10 people, 6 of them are unbanked. They came up with the concept of initiating a fintech service in the name of GrabPay, where the users can pay for their services. Not just for booking cabs but also for other Grab services, they can utilize this payment mode to make their payment. 

GrabPay allows users to link their accounts with debit or credit cards. The users can top-up or recharge their GrabPay wallets frequently to make their payments. It also supports multiple transactions for the users. The users can simultaneously purchase their groceries and pay for their rides through this gateway. Along with this, it also provides insurance services for individuals. 

Lessons To Adopt For Your Grab Clone Super App 

The long way that Grab has come across stands testimony to how challenging the business environment must be. But then they survived in the market and developed themselves to withstand the market. They are no longer the same taxi app offering one-dimensional services. They have strengthened their base and offer services like food ordering, grocery delivery, insurance, and Fintech services. Their success is not overnight. It all started in 2012 and still continues with the flow. Here are lessons to follow for launching a multi-services app

Concern over the partners 

In the long journey of business, you have to travel along with your employers. However, it is your responsibility to take care of them. Grab extended its arm for its drivers by offering them loans and various benefits. Only if the employers feel valued in an environment will they further work for a company. So, ensure you provide all facilities for your employers. 

Explore the market as much as you can 

Grab did not just restrict itself to taxi services. They had a wider vision about expanding their business further. They ventured into various services like food delivery, grocery services, and fintech services. In the same way, you should also be ready to explore the market to expand your business network. 

Go with business collaboration

Businesses are always meant to strengthen their business networks. If not, you will miserably fail in the same. Grab had good collaborations with their partners who are good at their respective fields. For example, it collaborated with the Krungsri Finovate in Thailand to promote sustainable banking through financial inclusion. So, you should always be open to collaborations. 

Enhance the user experience 

Customer safety is something that you have to make sure of while launching your Grab clone app. Be it for taxi services or for a delivery business, you have to make sure that the services they receive from you are of the highest quality. Grab as an on-demand service won hearts as one of the safest platforms for individuals. Therefore, emphasis on developing a secure platform for people. 

The Final Thoughts 

Super apps are the recent talk of the town as various nationals have planned to come up with their own Super app. With so much potential, you can also try your hand at launching your competitive Super app in the market. Brace up to launch multi services app like Grab!

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