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How To Deal With A Fake Kn95 Mask?

You can easily spot a fake KN95 mask by looking at the packaging of FFP2N95 respirators. Attention:

  • The product identification letters are “FFP2” or “KN95”.
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Logo to the “CE”
  • It is necessary to specify the type and certification of “CEPPE”.
  • Date for CE/PPE certification
  • Certification expires
  • Type and Model Number
  • Number of business licences
  • Number CE certification
  • Business address required
  • CE Inspection Report

Next, take a closer look at all information to determine if the FDA has approved it. Navigate to the FDA Certified Supplier Lookup. Next, enter information about the manufacturer. You should be able to locate them using the “owner/operator search” to your right. Next, you can view company information and register for facial masks if necessary.

Verify your business license number. This company is Chinese. Install the page translator plug-in. Links to these cases will allow you to view where their license number appears.

Verify KN95 descriptive materials

Mask packaging must publish the intended use of its product and any additional instructions. For KN95-mask makers, it is essential to provide proper descriptive material. Package inserts are often included in instructions for KN95 mask use. It is illegal to claim, state, or suggest that a respirator is safe for COVID-19 protection in printed materials. Any label or insert that contains COVID-19 may be a warning sign.

Packaging for Tamper Evident KN95 Mask packaging

After you open the zip lock, the mask has seal on top. This seal is impervious to tampering. it indicates that the package has been sealed correctly since its manufacturing. Even after opening the package, the seal should remain intact. Although mask packaging is possible it does not indicate quality.

Verify Mask Markings

It is possible for disposable respirators that are not approved by NIOSH to receive FDA approval, such as the KN95 mask. These masks don’t have the FDA logo. These masks should have the CE symbol on them as they conform to European standards.

FDA recognized the mask as CE-produced. It is now part of the FDA database. There was no problem with labeling or packaging. The mask is correctly labeled.

KN95 Face mask Quality at Home

To determine your fit and quality, there are two main tests that you can do at home. These are The Water Test (lighter), and The Lighter Test(medium).

KN95 Lighter Test

Place the mask on, and hold it six inches from your mouth. The flame will be set off by blowing on the mask. You should not blow out a certified mask. Bad quality masks may cause flames to not lighten.

The KN95 Mask Water Test

Your mask will stay in place with the elastic bands. Add water to the cup. You should eliminate water leakage.

Real vs. Fake KN95 Mask

It is important to ensure that your KN95 mask provides the protection you require. Protective clothing is essential, whether you are a healthcare worker, a family member for a COVID-19-patient, or an individual. A KN95 mask is a genuine one. Any KN95 masque must meet the same requirements.

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