How to find the best English Medium Schools In Ahmedabad?

Since school is the first step toward a bright future for a child, you will undoubtedly focus your efforts as a concerned parent on their academics and academic performance as a concerned parent. English medium schools are preferable because of their innovative learning approach, intelligent features, quality course content, well-disciplined culture, and other benefits. In addition, English as a second language can be learned easily at a young age. Following are some of the factors you should consider before getting your child admission to the best English medium schools:

Instructional medium

The medium of learning and teaching is essential. When building a list of the best English medium schools in Ahmedabad for your child, this should be the first criteria to consider. Enrolling your child in a good English medium is necessary because it is a global language. The youngster learns to read and write in English and improves their ability to communicate successfully in the language. Children develop writing skills and pick up a vast vocabulary when taught literature in English. In the long run, this will assist them in passing any competitive exam with flying colours.

Board of Examination that the School Follows

Choosing the examination board is the second most crucial factor that comes into consideration. We have three types of nationally recognised examination boards in India. The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary ), the CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations), and the regional boards. Additionally, there is a rapid growth of foreign education boards such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) and IGCSE (the International General Certificate of Secondary Education). While you can choose any, the most popularly chosen board in India is CBSE. There are many CBSE schools in Ahmedabad from which you can select the one you find most suitable for your child.

School Library

Even in the digital era, books remain indispensable. School libraries are the repository of knowledge and the cornerstone of our education. The library is the structure or room where many books are maintained for reading. In addition, the library enables students to get further knowledge about a specific subject.

Extracurricular activities

Co-curricular activities such as debate, storytelling, and extempore all contribute to a child’s development of English speaking skills. Teachers use these activities to instil a desire to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions in the children. Such pursuits develop their intelligence, worldliness, and ability to communicate effectively.

Whether the school has 10+2

Choose an English-medium school and a high school, meaning it has classes from kindergarten to twelve. Such a school eliminates the need for you to seek admission to another institution immediately after your child passes his class 10 exams. Instead, when your child enters kindergarten, he moves from one class to the other until he completes his class 12.


Learn about former students and the alumni forum. Here, you’ll meet students who are successful in their careers. They guarantee that the school appropriately guides, educates, and disciplines the children.

Keep these points in mind before finalising the best school. Make sure you visit the school before starting the admission procedure. With these tips and a bit of research, you can give your child the perfect headstart for his educational journey.

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