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How to mix and match pillows in your bedroom

Connecting accessories from the cushions is one of the easiest ways to inject style into your bedroom. There are also many cheap and beautiful pillows, so it is a pity to play safely on 2 or 3 solid color pillows.

There are many ways to mix and match pillows. Sometimes you need skilled and creative hands. However, even in a room where the color, pattern or style does not match a single pillow, it may have a very stylish modern appearance.

The first thing to remember is that the pillows do not have to look similar. In fact, if you do this, it will provide you with a more professional and stylish look. If you are not used to choosing pillows that are not matching, refer to the following information to quickly create a room with new and consistent styles and colors, but not boring.

Vary the sizes and shapes

First use a 24-inch square pillow as a sofa on your bedroom, or two 24-inch square pillows in the bed. This is an ideal place to blend the comfort and fluidity of the eyes.

You can have a 20-inch size on most of the rest of the pillow, but it can also work at 22 inches.Y

ou do not need to buy any 16×16 inch square pillows. Choose to buy big and small. Add a rectangular or round pillow and a square pillow. Start with the standard 22 or 24 inch pillow on the back first, and then get smaller, this change will increase. By this way, you can create a little drama on your bed or on your sofa.

Choose three solid colors

Often times, we get so overwhelmed by the design of our pillows. We choose pillows that are filled with patterns and designs. On the other hand, you can just choose some solid- colored pillows. This will provide you with a place to rest, so you don’t have to be too busy designing.

First, choose a “color story” based on the pillow you choose. It is recommended to use three colors from different sources in the room: the colors of walls, carpets, bedding, curtains, etc. Even if you choose pillows with at least many different patterns, if you use the same color, the appearance will be organized.

The color you use for the pillow combination must be taken from the color scheme of the room. However, please try not to use too many colors. The three colors removed from the surrounding walls, headboards, carpets, bedding, etc., have been trimmed to create a beautiful appearance.

Mix stripes and prints designs

As long as each pattern contains at least one selected three solid colors, the patterns can be combined. You can usually start with the largest pattern, and it is the pattern of all three colors that contains the motif color. Then, you can include one or two colors in the selected auxiliary pattern. Use the pillow you already have to choose the lead pattern, it’s hard to turn around to deal with it.

The important thing is to keep balance. Please note that the lavender and green pillow stripes point in opposite directions (one horizontal and one vertical). There is a bolder striped pillow and some plant prints on the left.

Don’t forget the fabric and textures

The mix of patterns and colors is important, but the texture cannot be ignored. Play in parallel, soft, rough, soft and blurry. Think of artificial, velvet, linen, knitted wool, and tassel accents. If you keep the original color and pattern theme, it is a touch-sensitive material. Don’t forget the texture.

There should be a certain texture on your trio 1 pillow. It may be a plain weave pillow. It may be an ordinary pillow with embroidery on the front. Alternatively, it can be made of hounds tooth wool. The textured pillow has anything you want to stretch out and touch. Texture is important. This is because it will take you into a pillow series of three pillows and adjust the color according to interest and size.


We hope this helps you find interesting range of cushions! See you again next time!

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