How to style a Midi Dress when you are Petite?

Dresses are a staple in most women’s wardrobes. They are easy to carry and can be transformed into many looks. While most women seem to opt for short trendy dresses or maxi dresses, midi dresses have been dominating the street for some seasons.

The length is the most wonderful thing about these dresses. As it ends somewhere near the mid-calf, it is wearable most of the year. Also, depending on the styling, you can rock midi dresses in casual as well as for formal events.

However, for petite girls, wearing a midi dress can be a little daunting as it ends at a very focal point on the legs. Sometimes, due to this reason, shorter women tend to stay away from midi dresses.

But we say that nothing can be off-limits if you know how to style it!

With our super-effective styling tips, you will find yourself rocking pretty casual midi dresses coming summer!

Choosing the fabric

The fabric is one of the critical aspects of choosing clothing pieces. It influences how something will fit on you.
For petite women, it is best to stick with lighter breathable fabrics like chiffon, cotton, linen or jersey material. They are easy to alter and tweak according to your needs. Whereas heavy materials like denim, silk, knitted fabrics will be too much for your small frame.

For instance, a simple printed floral midi dress like this with a nice belt looks very flattering on a shorter person.

printed floral midi dress
Source: Pinterest

Accentuating the waist

When you can’t exactly accentuate your legs, enhancing the waist is your next best option. This will make the material sit on your frame better and you won’t look like a short block of fabric.

If your midi dress doesn’t come with a belt, add one. Adding a belt allows the body to have a break between the torso and the legs.

To further give the illusion of a longer body, add the belt at the higher waist. This will make you look taller and give some focus to your waistline.

Go for a length slightly above the mid-calf

Midi dresses can be found in a lot of lengths. A dress that ends right at the mid-calf can make you look shorter, as the calf is the thickest part of the legs.

Look for a dress that goes sightly above the calf. This will give a seamless illusion of longer legs.

Choose either monochromatic colours or smaller prints

As much as we adore a cute printed midi dress on a summer day, bold prints can be overwhelming to someone with a short frame.

This is NOT the dress to try colour blocking or going for bold prints. Stick to monochromatic colours for a more seamless look. If you really want to go for a pattern, choose smaller prints like the one below from Diva Boutiques. Tiny floral printed midi dresses, polka dots will look flattering on your small body.

The shoe matters

When you have a petite frame, you need to add as much length as possible with shoes. If you wear an ankle boot, it can make you look even shorter. The dress is going to cut off some length from your legs, with ankle strap shoes or sneakers, more length will be gone.

Wear heels with midi dresses. Simple, dainty heels in nude or other basic shades will give you some length. If you are unsure about heels, wear flats with pointed toes.

Type of midi dresses that are perfect for petite women

Midi dresses with slits

Slits make a dress more flattering. It creates a much-needed break in the outfit. Having a slit will allow the legs to be seen, which will enhance the look adding a bit of sexy vibe to the whole outfit.

Midi dresses with slits

A-line midi dresses

Straight cut midi dresses can easily drown a petite frame. Focus on buying a dress that cinches at the waist and beautifully flares at the bottom. This will add more shape to the body.

Asymmetrical hemlines

This type of dress is perfect for short women as it doesn’t cut the legs bluntly. Asymmetrical hemlines create a playful, flirty look to the dress.

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