We all know that sometimes we may not intentionally get into a situation where we try to convey our point and convince them by stating facts and figures and giving all possible statements.

We all know that sometimes we may not intentionally get into a situation where we try to convey our point and convince them by stating facts and figures and giving all possible statements. Arguments! Who does not hate arguments? Nevertheless, sometimes arguments can be part of positive changes. Sometimes they are informal with your family, but sometimes they need to be very professional. Moreover, for that, you head on to argumentative essays. Argumentative essays contribute to many educational pieces on high school or master’s levels.

While writing one, always convince the readers to accept your ideology by stating strong statements and points with evidence. An argument is always for or against something, which you need to prove with logical analysis.

Here is your comprehensive guide to writing a phenomenal argumentative essay

We have crafted a basic outline for the composition of your argumentative essay so that you can answer tons of questions about details to be considered.


An argumentative essay covers a considerable share of academic writing in schools and colleges. While writing an argumentative essay, one needs to prove their thesis on any particular topic. After all, what is the ultimate goal? Of course, to convince the reader that your position is correct.

  • There are some key points which you need to keep on our mind.
  • Be very clear with your thesis in your introduction
  • Try to tie all your points together and correlate them with logical approaches. Do not miss a chance to give the food for thought to the readers.
  • Explain every point with every possible counter-argument that comes to your mind.

Writing argumentative essays has become part of many academic processes to check the capability of your mind—for example, masters or college admission essay USA format or UK format.


If you want to claim your idea, you need to support it with facts and logical explanations. Knowing what topic you want to argue will be much easier to structure your ideas and present them. Before writing, you ought to settle on a claim you want to make as a thesis statement. There is a difference between claiming and stating a mere fact that does not need arguments or shreds of evidence to prove itself.

Could not figure out what the difference between claim and statement is? No worries.

A statement is the declaration of fact or some remark that does not need any arguments, while a claim is to put the idea of something missing and prove it with evidence.

Steps to Follow While Writing Your Claim

FACT – stating something right or wrong.

DEFINITION – defining your point about what you want to make an argument of

VALUE – define the importance of your claim

EFFECTS – what effects could it possibly bring?

CAUSES – what was the primary cause of your claim?

POLICY – explain what changes need to be made following your essay.


You need to be very logical and unbiased with your thesis or statements, no matter what topic you choose. Exaggeration or assumptions has no place here.

After settling with your claim, start thinking about the possible arguments you can make; list them all beforehand. This will help you to keep your ideas organized. You can opt for three main types of argumentation.


  • Have a thorough look at opposing opinions.
  • Try to highlight the problem in it
  • Time to present your claim.
  • Suggest an alternative benefit from your claim to the opposing opinion

This approach can be your choice when your claim can seed discussions like Philosophical problems and global warming. This structure is not to be strictly followed. It wholly depends on how you present your ideas. In the Rogerian Approach, the main point is to develop a point of mutual benefit.


  • Present your claim
  • State the evidence and explain how it benefits your claim
  • State opposing opinion and its effects to show that you have thought otherwise.

Approaching this technique will ultimately help you in eliminating unwanted and unnecessary arguments. Though it can be helpful in polemical arguments. Here you can speak about the pros and cons of your declaration.


  • First of all, present the already existing thesis.
  • State your claim on that idea
  • Provide logical evidence

This is an essential and most common type of approach. You can quickly go with a gentle introduction to your question and a brief background of the topic. State your main arguments and put your counter-arguments, also known as refutation. Furthermore, concluding it with possible solutions and studies need to be made in the future.

As we have discussed how to prepare your mind, let us get to the formatting side. Dividing your essay into sections can help you in structuring it precisely.


  1. Introductory paragraph.
  2. State your argument with supporting evidence
  3. Explain the evidence in your own words
  • If you want to produce more than one argument, go for separate paragraphs. One paragraph should address only one argument. This gives clarity to your writing.
  1. Address different points of views
  2. Conclude your thesis.
  • The essay should end with a conclusion that summarizes your ideas and reflects the main body of your essay.


Taking any professional’s help can never be a bad idea. Many students face difficulties choosing the topic or maybe arguments in that specific topic. You can always get your teachers in contact, but sometimes it is hard to get with their busy schedules. Well, if that is the issue, you can always look up to professional essay writers for hire to assist you out with your argumentative essay, and you are done.


Are you feeling already tired after going through all the steps? Maybe. However, one thing is for sure, it might be a long process, but it will be worthy of enhancing your critical thinking skills. It can help you with problem-solving skills. GOOD LUCK!

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