I Locked My Keys In My Car, Can a Locksmith Help Me?


When you get to your car, you discover that you’ve locked yourself out. Perhaps you’ve locked your keys in the car, or they’ve gone missing, or the keys have broken in what appears to be a weird accident. Internally, you want to shout, but you attempt to stay cool. So, what exactly do you do? It doesn’t matter if you’re on a road trip or just returning from the grocery shop; these things can happen at any time and without warning. Here are some ways for getting into a locked car, even though it can be bothersome and frustrating. The most important thing is to call out for car locksmith

Check the lock

The first step is to breathe if you realize, “OMG, I locked my keys in my car,” and you’re starting to panic. Troubleshooting your locks is the next step. The good news is that by checking all of your automobile doors, you might be able to get back in.

If you locked your keys in the car or misplaced them, the door lock may not have closed properly. To test if you can get in, try all of the automobile doors and windows. If you’re successful and make it this far, congratulations! Once you’ve returned your car keys, make sure to fix the broken lock from an automotive locksmith, as unlocked cars are one of the most common targets for car break-ins.

If you have your keys but the car door lock is broken or malfunctioning, you can enter the vehicle through the trunk.

Even if your car isn’t a hatchback, you might be able to unlock the doors by entering through the trunk. Try unlocking the door once you have your physical key (if you have one), since there may be a problem with your car’s remote that is stopping you from entering the vehicle.

Call someone 

It’s natural to feel panicked if you lock your keys in the car and are unsure how to resolve the situation. Even if it may not appear to be a full-blown roadside emergency, being locked out of your car might place you in a risky position. That’s why, if a friend or family member is close, it’s crucial to phone them.

Because having to seek aid from strangers or stand by the side of the road puts you at risk, it’s always a good idea to let people in your life know where you are. If they can’t figure out how to get into a locked automobile, they can offer much-needed emotional support, and knowing where you are can be a helpful safety precaution.

In the best-case situation, you have a spare key from a family member or friend that you can use to unlock your automobile and fix the problem. They might also help you in calling out for car unlocking services


If you’re trying to figure out how to get into a locked automobile, your shoes are probably the last thing on your mind. Indeed, your shoelace may be able to assist you in unlocking your vehicle.

Unfortunately, not all car locks are compatible with this method. 

You pull up to unlock them and can see them clearly from the road. Here’s what you should do if you have that type of automobile lock:

Remove the shoelace from one of your shoes first.

5 inches from the lace’s midpoint, place your eyeball.

At that moment, tie a slip knot.

Work the shoelace between the door and the car’s door frame in the middle, with one end at the top of the window and the other on the side where the door would open.

Loop the slip knot around the post lock with a flossing motion.

To hold the post, pull on both ends of the shoelace and pull upward while restricting/tightening the knot.

Hopefully, this will assist you in unlocking your vehicle. If you are in trouble, simply call out for a car locksmith


When it comes to car buying advice, chances are you didn’t think about whether or not your vehicle has post locks. If your automobile doesn’t have those types of locks, the good news is that there are several DIY-friendly options for regaining access to your locked vehicle. Here are some resources to help you, although the best option is to go to an automotive locksmith

A hanger for clothes

If you have horizontal locks, you might be able to untwist and mold a coat hanger into a hook shape. After that, try to open the automobile door and slide the hook around the lock using the hook. Pull it to check if it unlocks.

A screwdriver and a metal rod are required.

If you don’t have the keys, you can try to unlock your car door with a screwdriver and a metal rod if you have them. Open some room with the screwdriver, then put the metal rod into the lock to test whether it unlocks. Just be cautious, since these tools have the potential to do damage to the vehicle.


If you’re attempting to figure out how to get into a locked car, you could find that cooking items like a spatula come in handy. Place a spatula between the car door and the frame to create space and pry the door open. You can unlock the door from the inside if you can get it to open with the spatula.

A wedge for an airbag pump

You can also acquire an airbag pump wedge to open your vehicle’s door. The air is pumped between the automobile doors using this gadget to create a large enough door opening to employ tools to efficiently unlock the car.


If you have a strip of plastic, you can fold it into a U-shape, then lay it between the door jamb and lift it with the bottom closed portion.

Professional services

It’s stressful enough to have your keys locked in your car. You may not have the time or energy to do it yourself, or your DIY attempts may fail. If you’ve tried and failed to figure out how to unlock a locked car, it’s time to call in a car unlocking services provider.

If you don’t have access to roadside assistance, you’ll need to call a car locksmith for assistance getting into your locked vehicle. They will be able to open your automobile without causing any damage and will be able to repair any broken locks that may have resulted in this situation. Furthermore, if your keys have been lost or broken, a car locksmith can manufacture you new ones.

Final words 

Follow these instructions if you’ve locked your keys in the car and are attempting to find out how to get into a locked car. There are many ways to open a locked car, whether you do it yourself or hire an automotive locksmith. Simply avoid potentially harmful methods such as shattering the glass or using equipment such as slim jims, as these are problematic nowadays because modern automobiles contain essential wiring stored in these locations. You can get into your car safely using the options described above.

Call Desert Locksmith for car unlocking services, they are not only professional in this, but can help you at any time. Don’t get worried, they will help you enter your car as soon as possible. 

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