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Impact of social media on Mental Health

Social media can cause a person to become anxious. People who notice stress and anxiety associated with the excessive use of social media should consult a psychologist in Lahore. A specialist can help the person cope with the lifestyle changes that enhance their productivity and overall physical and mental health.

Social media is an effective communicative tool but. However, it can induce multiple mental health problems. One should maintain a balance and limit the use for a healthier and productive life. The mental issues associated with excessive use of social media are:

Adolescents Addicted to social media:

Adolescents are addicted to social media. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms are used regularly by youngsters so. Due to social media appearance, the person feels the need to present themselves as modern, intellectual, and perfect in other aspects of life. The person has to dress up and prove their presence, which can be tiring however. Excessive use induces anxiety, and the person cannot focus on other areas of their life, which compromises their academic and professional life but.

Correlation to Sleeping Disorders

Youngsters are more likely to have social media accounts, where they have to post pictures and videos to prove their presence. Many people suffer from compulsive checking of their posts. Additionally, they have to maintain and respond to others due to fear of missing out. Due to which they are required to remain alert all the time. The mind and body remain conscious all the time. The person does not find a way to relax, which leads to sleeping disorders, such as; insomnia. Sleeping disorders affect the mental as well as physical health of the individual so.

Leads to Body Dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia refers to the constant focus on body flaws that are not even present. Models and influencers share their pictures with heavy editing. They appear to be perfect with their body, which can cause a person to remain anxious and to belittle themselves. The constant reminder that they are not perfect can lead to body dysmorphia but.

Eating Disorders

People are financially reinforced to endorse beauty products on social media platforms. The purpose is to make people conscious regarding their physique and appear thin and fair to be socially acceptable. It can cause distress, and the individual may suffer from anorexia nervosa. Various complications correlated to anorexia nervosa include; anemia, hormonal imbalance, electrolyte abnormalities, and kidney problems. It is essential to living close to reality and limit the use of social media to promote psychological and physical health.


Women are more prone to be a victim of cyberbullying. It results in losing interest in their education, relationships, and career. Due to stress caused by negative comments, the person feels useless and remains distressed. It is essential to separate social and personal life to be productive and to be able to focus on other aspects of life.

Comparisons Deteriorating Mental Health

A positive image enhances self-esteem. However, the comparisons can make the person feel lesser than others and cause them to lose confidence. Women follow celebrities and models with perfect skin and bodies and compare themselves with them. The unrealistic expectation can cause low self-esteem and hinder personal and professional growth.

Anxiety and Depression

People passively monitor the activities of their friends and families, and friends that can cause jealousy. The progress of others seems easy on social media and cause anxiety of lacking in professional and academic life. The constant worry can deteriorate the mental health of the individual. The person can lose focus on their ultimate goal, and the hindrance can lead to depression so.

Everyone should prioritize their mental health. Caregivers who notice the child remaining anxious, doubtful of their abilities, and stressed due to social media comparisons should visit a psychologist in Islamabad.

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