The Untapped Beauty of Handcrafted Indian Ethnic Wear of Kutch.

Explore the amazing handcrafted wear of Kutch and know why these are making space in the everyone wardrobe.

The one thing that is too close to your heart, you always spent much time selecting them, the show stopper of any occasion, they are none other than “The Indian Ethnic Wear.” It is available in a variety of designs, colors and techniques. Among all Ethnic wear in India, the one that is trending and making its way to the top is the Kutchi dresses of Gujarat.

You surely might be thinking, what makes the Indian ethnic wear of Kutch different from any others. Below, we will have a descriptive talk about what ((Indian ethnic wear for women at Kutch looks like and why they are chosen by prominent designers, celebrities, and every age group of women.

How is Indian Ethnic wear at Kutch Different from Others?

The absolute mesmerizing printing, weaving technique, subtle colors, antiquity and the fusion of traditional and modern design all these traits make Kutch dresses different from other ethnic dresses.

Kutch is one of Gujarat’s districts located in the western part of India. It is one of the most prolific regions for textile works. Whether the famous embroidery work or beautiful printed Kutchi designs, these designs show emotion and stories that you will never find anywhere else. This differs Kutchi wear from any other state and choosen by everyone.

Popular Indian Ethnic Artwork of Kutch.

The textile industry at Kutch believed to be more than 4000 years ago. You will find an influence of Persia, the middle east and the regions of Pakistan in the dresses of Kutch. Most of the work done with the help of hands by the artisans. Once practiced by their ancestors, this fantastic handcrafted work now transferred to the ongoing generation.

Below are some of the famous handcrafted Ethnic wear of Kutch that you must look at.

  • Bandhani/Bandhej-

Bandhani is an ancient process of “tie and dye” used to create variations of patterns and designs on the fabric. It is a two-step process-

-In the first step, the cloth is plucked and tied with cotton strings; the fabric is submerged in the colorful dye either partially or wholly.

-The fabric is dyed in the second step, which ends with some fantastic design once the tied knots open.

You can easily flaunt on any occasion with a popular bandhani saree. It can easily accessorize with bandhani stoles or dupattas.

  • Ajrakh Hand Block Print-

It is a beautiful process to create beautiful designs on a piece of fabric. It is one of the most time-consuming methods for creating elaborate designs on cloth. Different designs are created on the fabric layer by layer, and each print demands a significant amount of drying time. The entire printing process carried out using hand-carved wooden blocks with symmetrical designs.

Everyone chooses gorgeously crafted Ajrakh prints tenderly packed with designs. With the ongoing ethnic wear trend, most artisans take full benefits and love to perform these designs on saree, suits and Stoles. You can also go for Ajrakh fabric cloth, which can turn into any desirable material of your choice.

  • Batik Art Work-

It is an ancient wax-resistant art technique. With wax and dye, beautiful designs created on the fabric. The process is similar to the tie and dye technique, thus including more complexity.

Wax added to the cloth before the dyeing process. The wax then removed when the dying process finished, which aids in forming the well-fined fantastic design. The Mundra village of Kutch specializes in batik art, they have been doing this for generations, which is one of their primary sources of income.

If you love the batik design, you can visit the Kutchi bazaar. They have some amazing collections of batik saree, and you can choose various designs from Batik dupatta, stoles, suits and fabric material.

  • Shibori Art Work-

A lovely fusion that connects India and Japan together. Once done, the handwork is very lovely. All over the world Shibori is know for its handmade artistry. Every piece has a unique design that will never go out of style.

Kutchi bazaar collection of on shibori art exemplifies the diversity of style. Some of the famous shibori outfits to add to your closet for an upcoming event and take benefits of saree and dupatta made with shibori art. You can pair them with the antique accessories of Kutch.

  • Bujodi Art Work-

The art of Bujodi has come a long way. It holds the history of ups and down in it. It is a tedious process involving using cotton and wool to form the fabric and the “Vankars” known as Bujodi weaver do this. The work of Bujodi  done on the vertical frame loom, which is now trasform to pit of looms.

The Bujodi material is ideal for wearing in the winter. If you are looking for to buy Bujodi shawls, stoles and dupattas you can visit the Kutchi bazaar. They have some amazing designs of Bujodi artwork which is enough to impress you.

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