Is the plex server maintained on the Synology DiskStation system?

I am Mia from the USA and I work for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. of the USA. In the past, I have needed software to store my company data. Then, at the recommendation of my company member, I bought the latest version of the Synology DiskStation system. It is a great and powerful network-attached storage system. It is an excellent wireless storage system and the working services of this storage system are best in comparison to local software. To operate this wireless system precisely, I have personally added 2 4TB drives. Moreover, the Synology DS220+ price, RAM, Specs, SSD, datasheet of this NAS is very good.

This is a storage system that works very flawlessly after competing with the Synology Hybrid RAID configuration process. In addition, this is a wireless system that only operates these services by using an internet connection. The find synology storage system also maintained the plex server. It is an international streaming media service. This plex server is also built-in with the client-server media player platform. Generally, the plex media server itself organizes the photos, audio, movies, videos, etc. easily streamed with the online players. To know more instructions, let’s take it from here.

How did the plex server maintain the Synology DiskStation system? 

The Synology DiskStation DS220+ Network Attached Storage Drives help you to store all data in this system. You can easily store all data in this system using the impeccable connectivity of the internet connection. Additionally, this storage system works with the Accelerated Administration Appearance with more all-embracing performance.

Apart from this, it is a system that works with the plex server to effortlessly share the Data including the Synchronization. It is a Compelling Multimedia Hub that is usually used for operating the plex server for all multimedia files. Apart from this, it is preserved moreover and restores all stored Data in a Snap. The plex server maintains the Synology DiskStation system, so let’s obtain the following instructions from the link below.

Connect your NAS system with the power and internet 

If you wish to maintain the Synology DiskStation system, then firstly, connect this system with the power using the USB power connector. Connect it with the USB cable and let’s switch on its power after attaching the Ethernet cable with its LAN port. Also, plug the plex server connection with the power. After this, begin the power of your computer and log in to this Synology DiskStation DS220+ NAS system server. Launch a file station on your Windows and after that, click on the home menu to create a folder name. Navigate the on-screen directions to create a new folder account for the plex media server connection. Launch another Windows file station, locate the printer drivers of this NAS system.

Install the Plex media server to maintain the Synology DiskStation system

To install the shared plex server, you must go into your computer control panel of this wireless system and choose the Plex server from the presenting list. Now, look up your computer screen and the edit shared folder plex is open. You will enable the recycle bin, just tick on it. Restrict access to administration only, so also tick on this option and go ahead. After applying the general settings, kindly go into the advanced settings and enable the checksum for advanced data probity. After this, enable the shared folder that must be used. Finish the synology ds220+ setup and enable all the settings of this system. After this, you should install the plex server and click on the simple “OK” option. 

Apply the settings to maintain it precisely 

Kindly visit the setting to apply the setting only for the plex server. Choose the permission and then click on the techwithbrett and tick on simply read & write. After this, you have to click on the advanced permission and apply the setting for this system. Moreover, apply the setting for NFS permission and lastly, click on the “OK” option. 

Use the Plex media server after maintaining the Synology DiskStation system

To watch the DVD player all videos, audio, Tv shows, etc, then you have to simply go into the file station and choose the plex server media from its file station. After this, click on the plex option and then choose the library, just wait for a minute. Let’s watch your favorite movies, videos, etc, after applying the settings on this wireless system. Play all the channels which are shared by you into the Synology DiskStation system by using the plex server.

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