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Amazon has struggled a lot with fake reviews but, not anymore!

Earlier in the Amazon marketplace, when competition was not a thing, products were easily visible to the customers. As a result, customers used to purchase products as soon as they visited the website. Whereas now, with time, competition has increased, and hence product visibility has become a critical matter for the sellers. As buyers have a lot of options available online, sellers rush to increase their product value. Sometimes, they even buy fake positive Amazon reviews.

But worry not! We are here to make you aware of all the important things about fake Amazon reviews writing services.


What do fake Amazon reviews look like these days?

For sellers, it may be difficult to spot fake reviews as these days even fake reviews look similar to honest ones. There are a few basic ways to tell if it is a fake Amazon review:

  1. If the same person is posting multiple reviews within short intervals.
  1. Check out the user’s profile and read the other reviews he or she has posted.
  1. In case, the date of the review posted is before the product has been launched on Amazon then it is fake.
  1. If the review is not specified and it is too straight without mentioning pros and cons.
  1. Look at the other reviews for the same products and compare the possibility of reviewing whether they could be fake or not.

You may think that fake Amazon reviews may also look like it has a relationship between the buyers and the seller. But, if Amazon spots no relation in between, then a strong indicator of legitimacy in Amazon’s opinion. As in reality, the vendor or seller must have paid for the purchase and the review with PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or another Amazon deal.

Moreover, for instance, no one appears to keep a check on the reviews nor understand how to track related buyer accounts for sellers that offer payment in exchange for four and five-star reviews. Using this strategy Amazon sellers can build up good product value faster than genuine sellers and become the best seller in the consumers’ eye.

Sometimes, even genuine sellers are attacked with fake sellers with negative feedback for building a bad impression in customers’ and Amazon’s eyes. In such cases, what genuine sellers can do is only fight back or file complaints against them to Amazon. Nevertheless, this will also own a set of risks and should be undertaken under the supervision of an expert professional.


Is it safe for sellers to purchase fake Amazon reviews?

No. But, we also recognize that sellers frequently prioritize short-term profits above long-term account health. It just doesn’t seem fair when competitors gain with no apparent enforcement from Amazon. Nonetheless, despite Amazon’s present issues in combating phony reviews, examine their past record of keeping up with the times.

If you still attempt to upload fake Amazon reviews for products, this behavior eventually leads to a couple of consequences, based on what I see in my daily account suspension work.

  1. Policy teams follow you down and suspend you for review manipulation


  1. The reviews, as well as your account, maybe deleted in the future.

Amazon aims to create value for customers with its every initiative and program. Hence, if Amazon believes you solicited reviews in an illegal manner, you will lose not only the reviews but also your selling account. Amazon is only too happy to dig back months into your account history and punish you for ASINs, warnings, old listings, or old behaviors that you haven’t done for a year or more. Then, you might also have to deal with how to fix Amazon suppressed listings and remove fake reviews as well.


Does Amazon suspend sellers’ accounts due to review manipulation?

Fake Amazon reviews may increase the product value and retain the customers’ attention for instance. And, that is why sellers can become addicted to purchasing such fake reviews. Everyone seems to be doing it, and they’re all bragging about how successful they are.

It’s understandable for merchants to believe that their email sequence will not violate Amazon’s standards.


Why is Amazon not doing more to combat fake Amazon reviews?

There are several internal reasons why Amazon takes a longer time to take action against the fake reviews being posted on the marketplace. Amazon is finding it difficult to address the current situation:


  1. The type of inquiry effort required is difficult to scale. The majority of harmful behavior currently occurs outside of Amazon.
  1. Amazon is attempting to minimize investigator staff rather than increase it, therefore this pulls them in the wrong direction.
  1. So far, it’s been nearly impossible to trace the buyer accounts linked with phony verified reviews back to the third-party “service providers” that arranged them.
  1. There are no fully effective standard operating procedures in place that address the root issues.
  1. Given the dearth of resources allotted for this type of huge project, Amazon’s managers are ill-equipped to deal with such a complex issue.
  1. Higher-level Amazon executives are unaware of the magnitude of the situation.

Whereas, this is fortunate that the audience and sellers as well are now awaking and questioning the fake reviews. But, the audience is still not familiar with the process and how they can deal with.


What can be done about fake Amazon reviews?

Amazon has a lot of space to enhance its practices regarding phony product reviews. It simply takes the resolve to move forward from the top echelons of executive teams, as well as an investment in quality investigations by the teams responsible for marketplace protection.

The first stage will be to determine the impact of review abuse on the major Amazon marketplace players.


A) Amazon

This issue is one of the largest elephants in the room since it cuts to the heart of buyer trust in the marketplace’s legitimacy.

Hiding from the problem of false reviews won’t work for much longer. The word has spread.


B)  Sellers

Sellers must do more than simply report abuse through Seller Central, write Jeff or Seller Performance, or complain in Facebook groups.

Amazon retailers should be willing to escalate to the teams in charge of police this behavior, even if they believe no one is listening, caring, or acting.



Fast forward to the present, and a thriving black market ecosystem has emerged. Its primary goal is to manipulate Amazon’s review and search ranking systems using a variety of unethical ways. Ironically, Amazon’s restriction has resulted in a false review problem that makes the previous activity seem quaint in comparison. Hence avoid buying fake Amazon reviews and fix suppressed listings to prevent Amazon stores from a ban.

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