Laka Glacier trek A Perfect Detailed Guide:

Laka Glacier trek A Perfect Detailed Guide:

The Laka Glacier Trek or Line Trek maybe a 3 excursion for beginners within the Kangra Valley taking over to 10,600 feet. From Mcleodganj, it travels farther than the Triund, the passing oak, the pine trees, and therefore the rhododendron trees. .

The Dharamsala area with a latitudinal advantage has the advantage of being very close to the ice. In the summer, after traveling just eight miles [13 km], you arrive at Laka Glacier. This is one of the most popular and exciting trips you can take in a short time. During the pre-heavy rains (March to June) the snow is full of snow but from July onwards the snow begins to melt and after the rainy season there is no snow in the snow and you only see moraine (rain remnants). Snow)

About Triund

Located at an altitude of 9500ft above water level , the views from the very best of the Triund hill will never fail to impress you with the sheer great point about the entire valley in front of you. Don’t forget to take pictures. Enjoy the view of the lush green mountains, while setting up camp here

An interesting feature of this trip is that lying on the ice, just a 13-mile [13 km] trek will take you to Laka Glacier. 

Your journey will start at Bhagsu Nag, and from there the ramp to Triund will begin. 

Laka Glacier Trek Journey

Day 1:

 Bhagsu Nag – Triund (9 km | 5 hrs | 2875 m)

Arrive alone in Mcleodganj and start the Laka Glacier journey from the village of Bhagsu Nag, near the hill town of McLeodganj. Your trip will start at 8:30 a.m., after a hearty breakfast. The road leads past the villages and begins to climb. Walk up and down the pristine forests of deodar trees, and see the majestic and nearly straight mountains of the Dhauladhar Range and the Kangra Valley. Continue walking through the forests of oak and rhododendron on the straight edge of Triund – another hill. Go through the latest world scenery and head to the grassy area to set up camp for the rest of the night.

Day 2: 

Triund – Khabrotu – Laka Glacier – Return to Triund (8 km | 4 hours | 3200 m)

In the morning, a new journey awaits you. After a delicious breakfast, you will start walking towards the Laka ice cream parlor. Scroll right down to Laka Glacier and click on pictures of the whole panoramic scene. The snow stays in the snow from March to May and begins to melt after the rain. Spend some quality time on the glacier and head back to Triund to spend the night in tents.

Day 3:

 Triund – Bhagsu Nag (14 km | 4-5 hrs | 2120 m)|Day 3: Triund – Bhagsu Nag (14 km | 4-5 hrs | 2120 m)|Day 3: 

The distance to be covered today is about 14 km, but , it will not be too heavy for your body. You will pass through a different route, through the valley of Laheta. Your journey will end in Bhagsu village, near the waterfall. Upon arrival, at the end of the trip, you can enter the hotel alone or spend the rest of the day relaxing.

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