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Television is a four-cornered magic box, one of the sources of our daily life. However, over the years, Best TV, one of the primary sources of entertainment for people, has changed a lot.

For example, with the advent of modern technology from the black and white era, Television has now reached the color age. In addition, with the advent of technology, various changes have taken place in the style of Television.

By contrast, numerous TVs, including LED Television, smart TVs, 4k Television, CRT TVs, and 3D TVs, are now able to successfully meet the needs and expectations of buyers in the domestic market.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 best-priced TV drawers.

LED Television


There are currently LED Television of different prices in the market of Bangladesh, which are at the top of the list of buyers’ choices due to their quality. In particular, the demand for LED intelligent TVs from Samsung and Walton brands has always been high in the Bangladeshi Television market.

So, in addition to these two popular brands, the collection of smart LED TVs from well-known brands like Sony, Konka, and LG is now in a wide range in the drawers. Moreover, all kinds of LED smart TVs are now within reach of the buyers at the door.

So understanding the attractive color and size of LED Television, any LED TV online shopping is now definitely demanding time.

Smart TV


In Bangladesh, there is a huge demand for smart TV at present. As such, intelligent TVs of various famous brands now exist in the country’s badger.

In keeping with the direction of the consumers, many well-known brands, including Samsung, Walton, Singer, Sony, LG in this country, are successfully fulfilling the up-to-date expectations of the consumers with their smart TVs.

And as an operating system, the introduction of Android on smart TV is the most seen. So any smart TV in demand now you can choose from the drawer only at the price you want.

4K  LED TV| OLED QLED Television


Fork TV is now the most popular Television in the country’s market. This high-resolution Television is currently the most sought-after by consumers.

In most cases, these smart TVs powered by the Android operating system are now available in the market in curve size.

However, in Daraj’s current collection, flat and curved four TVs of various famous brands including Samsung, Sony, LG, and Sharp in the OLED and CULED categories are now at the top of popularity.



LCD Television of various quality brands, including Samsung TV, Sony TV, are now in ponnobd Electronics collection.

Moreover, these TVs with total HD 3D views are now available at affordable prices.

So these 3D LCD Television can play an influential role in meeting the high expectations at low prices.

Last Word

Customers can now visit the ponnobd Electronics website ( or the ponnobd Electronics mobile app to get the best Sony and Samsung TVs at affordable prices.

However, you can watch the ponnobd Electronics 10.10 Mega Sale Campaign page to buy the TV with the best deals and discount offers.

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