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Overview: Trekking is undoubtedly one of the most sensational adventures to perform. One of the most prominent places to trek in Himachal Pradesh. Which gives you a mesmerizing experience. Well, they have the most appropriate climate for trekking and also outstanding trekking trails.  They also have numerous trekking spots, one of which is the Tosh trek. An incredible trek to perform at least once in your lifetime. To witness the breathtaking views of the peak and its glorious impressions. Apart from trekking, in Himachal Pradesh there are various adventure activities which you perform along with trekking. Before that, these are a few things that you need to know about the Tosh trek. 

Tosh Trek: 

Tosh is known generously for its leafy green canyons, snow-capped cliffs, elegant flora and fauna, breathtaking cascades, and captivating canyons, giving rise to it a wonderful spot for you to examine the spectacular elegance of Himachal Pradesh. The maximum height of this trek is approximately 8000 feet. It’s an easy trek so you can also bring your beginner trekker friends to create some lifetime memories. The trek is for 2 days, within which you will get to explore and learn about the locations and their charm. The initial point of this trek is Barshaini. From where your journey of this amazing trek begins. 

Best Month:  

The best month to perform this trek is analysed as March to June. Although, you can perform this trek throughout the year! Summer is considered the most promising time to attain. The folks who wanna experience the snow-filled Mountain can perform this during the winter in December.  Apart from April to October is also deemed as a great time to enjoy this trek. Many trekkers attend this during the summer to witness the warm sunbath. And the gleaming mountains. You can moreover explore the dramatic lush green geographies, waterfalls, and wonderful character spectacles of the Himalayas. 

Things to do: 

Things to do in the Tosh trek are photography, Camping, and Mediation, etc. As we all know tosh gives an impression that cannot be comprehended with the phrasal combination. There are various places where you can click pictures and also some mesmerising views which will definitely light up your social media accounts. In addition to this comes Camping, you can also camp over this and get a charming view of the night. Thirdly comes, Mediation. As it believes that trekkers find it most peaceful places to relax. Because it’s away from the city chaos and filled with calmness. Soon it will give you relief which often we don’t find in the city.  These are the few activities that we can perform during the Tosh Trek. 

Things to carry: 

A few essential things to carry before you depart for this trek are led Torch with an extra battery to save a life ( its mandatory things to carry for this trek ), its preferable to carry warm and comfy clothes, carry water bottles, Caps, a proper hiking shoe, jackets to protect from the frostiness if you are trekking during the winter season. It’s also mandatory to carry an extra pair of socks if needed. These are the essential things to carry for this trek. 

Day 1:

On day 1, you will start with your trek from the initial point which is Barshaini. Begin your trek to stunning Tosh cascades, the voyage wraps an extent of 2.5 Kilometres. Enjoy some time in the lap of mother nature and appreciate the peaceful impression with you and your company. Enter around the rooms and appreciate a mouth-watering diet. Jump into the understanding of ignorance while hearing the soothing whistles of nature, song, population celebrating, and bonfire amid cliffs.

Overnight stop in the Dome tents. Here, you accomplish day 1 of the trek. Later, add some notes to your journal and have a restful sleep. 

Day 2:

Finally, after completing your restful hours of sleep, wake up in the lap of mother nature and get fresh. This is the final day of the trek. Do your warm-up and gaze at the sunrise and spend time with your folks. After enjoying your breakfast, pack your bags and depart to the endpoint. With a lot of memories resonating in your heart. There you successfully finish off the Tosh Trek. 


Tosh trek is an amazing trek that will give a lifetime experience and knowledge about the Himalayas. Although it’s deemed as an easy trek it’s advisable to keep your physical and mental health fit before and after the trek. Since the trek trail is well maintained and a tourist attraction of the state, try not to litter around. Follow the rules and regulations given by mentors. Try to avoid huge luggage to keep you free and enjoy the trek more. 

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