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Make Amla a part of Your Life for the Best Outcomes 

Amla, even known as Indian gooseberry, is certainly a powerhouse of nutrients. The significant minerals and vitamins that it possesses are not simply integral to the body’s well-being . But also critical to prevent and manage some of the simplest and widespread illnesses.

No matter consumed raw, powdered, juiced or even that of simply added in a group of pickles, dips, jams . Or even that of spreads – adding amla in the diet ends up into good health by all means.  You can even take up Amla capsules to make the most out of it.  

A great Option 

  • Amla is a great source of Vitamin C, so it helps in boosting your immunity, metabolism and even that of prevents viral and bacterial ailments, like that of cold and cough. The nutritional profile that it has is dotted with a huge range of polyphenols . That are well-known for fighting against development of cancer cells. As per Ayurveda. Amla is known to balance all sort of process in body . And fetches to equilibrium three doshas – vata, kapha and even that of pitta. Moreover, Vitamin C that it has is a natural antioxidant. It just means that it protects you against harmful effects of free radicals. It helps in slowing down ageing processes and is even require for collagen production. So, all in all, it keeps the skin, hair healthy and it even that of supports your immune system as well.
  • It has been believe that amla can be consumed as an influential home remedy to treat . The condition of flu and cough as well as mouth ulcers. Just two teaspoons of amla juice or simply amla supplement with equal portions of honey taken every day may help a great deal in treating the issue of your cough and cold. Blend up a few teaspoons in water and gargle . It with it two times in a day to wipe away mouth ulcers. And yes, in case you consume amla regularly, it may even help in reducing your cholesterol levels. 
  •  A lesser-known truth is that amla is a powerful weight loss help.   The high fibre content that is find in it helps in flushing out the waste from the body.   The Protein present in amla is even helpful in controlling cravings.  A glass of amla juice or simple tablet before a meal easily fills you up and directs you to eat less.  Amla even possess tannic and . Other acids that are absolutely assistive in relieving indigestion as well as your issue of constipation. 
  • A healthy digestive system just means more energy from different food items.  Having amla in your diet through food and juices may actually help . You lose weight naturally and in the absence of any hardships.  Effective side effects of such consumption are going to be like glowing skin, your beautiful sleek hair and so on.


To sum up, you should go for best amla capsules and ensure that you make them a part of your routine. They are definitely going to make your routine healthier and effective.




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