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When it comes to health, nothing should come in between. It is very important to take care of the health. All of the things we do and the goals that we have to achieve are only possible when our health is in good hands. There may be some compromises need but you shouldn’t shy away from them. In the end, if we have good health, chances will come again and there will be opportunities to do what we haven’t been able to do. But sometimes we don’t have the solution in our hands. When it comes to treatment of critical diseases, there may not be adequate facilities present in our own country or if they are present, the cost will be quite high. This has made medical tourism very famous. More and more people are now opting for medical tourism.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is the term which is used in which people travel to foreign countries for the primary aim of receiving medical treatment. With the help of medical advancement, it has been possible for people all the over world to get highest quality treatment for any given body part. When the term ((India Medical Visa was first used, it only referred to patients who were seeking treatments that were unavailable in their home country. But now, cost has also become an important factor. It is mostly done for surgeries such as heart bypass, cosmetic, dentistry etc. This treatment also encompasses the services of healthcare and wellness.

India is termed as “one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations’. The primary reason for this is cost effectiveness and highest quality treatment. USA and UK are considered as the largest source countries. According to a report, Bangladeshis and Afghans accounted for 34 percent of foreign patients. They form the largest share due to close proximity with India and their own poor healthcare infrastructure. If we see which Indian states receive the maximum patients, then metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore received the highest number of patients. Out of all the states, Chennai is call as the health capital of India.


What is an India Business Visa?

Planning is an essential part of any vacation. When it comes to documentation, you must constantly double check that you have all you require. You can quickly replace an item if you get to your location and realize you’ve forgotten something. You may not even be able to cross the border if you forget vital paperwork.

As a result, if you intend to visit India, you should first determine whether you require an Indian visa, especially if you plan to do business in the nation. Before you board your flight, you should also go over the India Business Visa Checklist.

Applying for an Indian Business Visa is simple, as you will see in this post. You’ll also be able to learn about other topics, such as the items needed to obtain a Visa on time.

The India Business Visa is a government-issued document that allows you to enter India for business purposes alone. It cannot be use for medical or other reasons.

What can I accomplish with an India Business Visa in terms of business?

  • You can only engage in the following types of business activities:
  • Creating a company or industrial venture.
  • Sale/purchase/trade.
  • Taking part in technical and business discussions.
  • Manpower is being sought.
  • Participating in trade shows and exhibitions.
  • For a current project, an expert/specialist is need.
  • Organizing tours.

How to apply for an URGENT INDIA VISA?

The fast procedure entails a more thorough examination of the completed application form and any accompanying papers. When compared to the conventional application, this saves you many workdays of waiting time. This option is only accessible for tourists, business travelers, and medical travelers applying for an e-visa in India.

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