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Meeysoo P45 Pro is listed on a few (mostly unreliable) websites, and has various specifications, features, and costs. Does it look authentic? And should you purchase one?

Every once in a while an updated phone model appears. This is not unusual and normal. It’s not unusual to find contradicting specifications and features on one site to the next. This is usually the case when the company hides all the specs of the mobile phone, but leaks and speculated specs to rule the day.

What triggers the alarms in our minds is a brand-new phone produced by an unidentified brand with a plethora of specs and extremely low costs. Meeysoo P45 Pro is such phone. Up until today, we’d not even heard about this Meeysoo brand. It’s a complete mystery.

About Meeysoo P45 Pro


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This is a good thing. As we’ve mentioned before, new brands for smartphones pop up every week. If that happens, we look around to learn how much information is possible. Also, we take a careful look at the specs of their initial handsets.


The case with Meeysoo P45 Pro, we came across a number of oddities that didn’t seem to make sense. Let’s go over the issues.

The phone is advertised on numerous sites and stores online. On Joom it’s advertised at $72. A budget phone! When we started looking at the specifications. This same website which sells it at $72 states that it’s 5G phone with the Mediatek Dimensity 1000 chipset. Whoah! This must be quite a bit of an subsidy.Joom also lists its Meeysoo P45 Pro as having the 6.3-inch curving display, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. Shopee, an online store Shopee states that it’s an 4G smartphone that has a 6.6-inch display 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage as well as the “20MP and above” rear camera. A deeper look at Shoppe displays a second set of contradicting specs below the list. One of the specs that are in conflict are that display size is again listed but with a size of 5.5 inches. This time it is 5.5.

Meeysoo P45 Pro

According to Jumia, Meeysoo P45 Pro features the 6.6 inch display and 12GB RAM with 512GB internal memory, 16MP rear quad camera along with Android 10.10 operating system. Its processor is identified with the designation MTK6889 mobile platform that is the top-end Dimensity 1000 chip.A alternative Jumia listing includes one of the entry-level Mediatek MTK6580 listed, along with 1GB of RAM 8GB internal memory, 6.6-inch 3200×1440-pixel display as well as a 3D glass-plated back cover. It has a price of N25,000. It’s a bit mind-boggling.

Meeysoo P45 Pro colors

If you’re not as confused by this phone like we were, you’re a hero and you deserve an award. However, once we noticed the outrageously low price for the contradicting and often outrageous specs, we realized that our alarms were raised. Something was clearly wrong We concluded.It’s on numerous websites, and each of them have varying degrees of conflicting information on the device. It’s hard for anyone to be convinced that Meeysoo P45 Pro is an authentic phone. It is impossible to be certain that you’re getting what you pay for when you purchase it.

Comparison with Samsung A21 and Meeysoo P45 Pro


Samsung Galaxy A21 and Samsung Galaxy A21s are almost similar in dimensions, but with tiny differences in the dimensions. Both phones are very similar in regard to design. Read our Samsung Galaxy A21 or Samsung Galaxy A21s comparison.

Is Meeysoo P45 Pro fake?

It’s hard to say currently. However, even if it is there but it is so poorly advertised that there’s conflicting information regarding it across the globe. We suggest staying clear of it; stay away from Meeysoo phone until the information about it is confirmed.We did a search to find the official site for Meeysoo, but discovered no information. The lists on Jumia are “shipped from abroad”, which means it’s impossible to visit a store to look at and feel one in person so that we can confirm its authentic specifications and other features.

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