Memory improvement tips for competitive exams

With competitive exams approaching, the candidates are pulsing with excitement and stress. A few questions might be oscillating in your mind right now. Will I be able to cover everything on time? Will I be able to remember everything during the exam? Why am I not able to remember everything? Well, these questions are not uncommon. Each student asks at least one of these questions to themselves. However, is there any way to enhance your memory so that you can remain calm during exams? Damn yes! This article will discuss some of the hacks for better concentration that will help you memorize your concepts for the long run. 

No doubt, everyone has different strategies that work for them while prepping up for examinations. Some prefer to isolate themselves and read out aloud so that nothing can distract them. In contrast, others find studying in a group more beneficial. Of course, it entirely depends upon what suits you, still you need to know some valuable tips that help relieve the exam stress and boost your preparation. Additionally, to amp up your competitive exams preparation, we advise you to approach the eminent institute conducting excellent bank coaching in Uttam Nagar. 

Brilliant tips to improve your memory for competitive exam:

Maintain a balanced diet

Since our childhood, we have been taught that a healthy diet is a fuel for a healthy body and active mind. Therefore, especially during exam preparation, make sure to follow a proper diet so that your mind stays active enough to grab the plethora of information. Try to avoid junk foods because these can make you slow and lethargic. Instead, you can include such foods which are healthy and tasty at the same time. Food items like turmeric, broccoli, dark chocolate and blueberries increase your brain alertness. In addition, it enhances your concentration and memory. Moreover, you can include green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that are a great source of many essential vitamins, and minerals. 

Say no to social media during competitive exam preparation

The awful task for today’s youth is to say no to social media. Because they think they have to eliminate social media apps like Instagram, facebook and twitter entirely till examination for better results. However, you don’t need to cut them off completely from your life. You just need to reduce the time you spend on these platforms. However, keep in mind that you need to avoid your social media while studying. As it can act as a source of distraction, you will not be able to concentrate on your topics. Mark that the exam lasts for a short period, but the result impacts a long period. Therefore, if you reduce your screen time, you will definitely nail the exam. 

Divide and rule

Your ardor to work is inversely proportional to the pile of a syllabus that you have to finish. Many aspirants panic by seeing the vast syllabus they have to cover before the exam. When you are in this situation, what will you do? Well, you can divide your work into smaller chunks before studying. If you have ample time, you can split one topic into 2-3 sub topics and then cover up one sub topic from each subject every day. Doing so will help you to cover all the subjects simultaneously. Moreover, you can avoid the stress and boredom that comes when you study a single subject for the entire day. 

Try power nap

When you study constantly, then comes a time when your mind is cluttered with workload and stress. This exam stress can distort one’s peace of mind and makes it hard to concentrate further.  At this time, a 15 minutes power nap is all you need. This power nap will refresh your mind and declutter it from all the obsolete things. As a result, this technique will help to keep your mind active and you can study consciously and productively. On a related note, are you aiming to crack the competitive exams with an overwhelming victory? If so, you can connect with the marvelous platform prostituting the best SSC coaching in Uttam Nagar. 

Do what suits you

Everybody is different. What is easy for one may be difficult for others. Therefore, it is advisable to figure out what works best for you. Never follow anyone’s strategies as it can cause you to harm rather than good. Formulate your own strategies that suit your lifestyle and yield results. If you are able to concentrate early in the morning and your friends find it comfortable to study at night, then never try to copy them. Just look for the best time and good ambiance to study productively. 


Focused attention and sharp memory are requisite to crack any competitive exam. These are some tips that you can follow to increase your attention and memory during exams. We hope you will perform better by following our guidelines. 

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