Modem Router Combo Vs. Separate

Modem Router Combo

If you are not familiar with the terms Modem Router Combo or Separate devices, it’s pretty simple. A modem router combo is a device that has both a wireless router and a modem built in together. This means one less item in your house to keep track of! Most gamers will want to go with a modem router combo for gaming, because they are more portable, and cover less space. On the other hand, some casual users will be happy with separate devices in their house.

In general, buying separate devices will give you more control. For instance, if something goes wrong with one part. So, only that part needs to be replaced instead of having to replace both parts at once. Buying separately can also save money in some cases. If your modem goes bad on you but the router still works, don’t replace it!

What is a Modem?

A modem is a device that connects with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and communicates with them. The modem provides you with the ability to connect to the Internet, and in some cases: VoIP service for your phone. On an ADSL connection or Cable line, where there is a physical Wire connecting you and the ISP; you will need both a Modem and a Router in order for multiple devices to be able to connect at once.

What is a Wireless Router?

A wireless router is pretty self explanatory: it is used to set up access point so that wireless capable devices such as laptops, phones, Xbox 360s etc can join on your network wirelessly. For most gamers, these days prefer Wireless capability over Wired connections, because of the portability of Wireless Gaming.

What is a Modem Router Combo?

A modem router combo provides both the features stated above into one device, available for purchase in various models. You can connect it to you ISP via Ethernet or Wirelessly, and set up multiple devices through your wireless access point.

Types of Connection: Cable & ADSL/DSL

Currently Cable Modem Router combos are becoming more popular than DSL due to many reasons such as better pricing for Cable where DSL users have little-to-no choice when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you happen to be on DSL, then I suggest that you consider getting separate devices since they are vastly superior over DSL counterparts if you don’t have a choice. If you have a choice, Cable is the way to go for gamers!

What’s better? Modem Router Combo or Separate?

If you are thinking about going the route of purchasing a modem router combo or separate devices, I will say that it depends on your situation. For casual users who just want internet access and maybe VoIP service, then a modem/router combo should do well enough.

If you are trying to build a multiplayer gaming network across rooms in your house, go with two separate devices. In this case buying separately will give you more flexibility over your network at home, allowing you to concentrate on building one perfect gaming rig rather than keeping track of multiple things at once.

There are clearly many factors to consider, if you are thinking about getting a modem router combo or two separate devices. It really comes down to your situation at home, what you want out of your network and how much flexibility do you need. For most gamers who don’t have very complex networks however; the best place to start is with cables (since it covers less area) and then get wireless routers throughout each room for connectivity!

Benefits of Separate Modem and Router

Having separate devices for each modem and router can have many benefits. For example, if one part of your network goes bad you only need to replace that specific device. Most Modem-Router combos are locked into contracts which can be an inconvenience if something goes wrong or you want to switch providers.

Benefits of Modem Router Combo

The benefits of getting a combo modem/router instead of separate devices include price and simplicity. Since you get both functions in one device it is less expensive than buying two separate ones at once. The other benefit is the fact that since it’s your only router throughout your home, multiple users can connect through the wireless access point without any configuration changes!

Final Verdict

I definitely recommend getting separate devices if you are a gamer, but for casual users/non-gamers; modem/router combos should be fine. For the sake of simplicity and saving money; cable modem router combos are popular among most gamers who don’t want to deal with two separate devices.

However there is only one way to find out what works best for you: trying it out yourself! You can always purchase both separately to see which gives you more value at home.

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