It is normal to feel upset or concerned in the event of visa rejection. There could be many underlying reasons for this rejection.

Keep in mind that you are not the first overseas student to have their visa application denied. Therefore, you don’t have to be disappointed with life. You can easily overcome this hurdle with professional help. Likewise, there are various tools that can help you in your situation.

If there is a rejection of a student visa application, please follow the instructions by ghost writers for hire experts so that you can find out what to do next. But earlier there could be many reasons due to which your visa is not approved. However, you still have the chance to appeal for your visa.

What should I do if my student visa application is turned down?

You should conduct an investigation into the reasons for your visa application denial as soon as you find out it’s rejected. The home office or the immigration officials of your destination country should say this in a denial letter sent to your home address.

As a result, if they do not give a reason for rejection, we recommend that you:

  • Immediately ask for feedback
  • Properly examine it.

Before reapplying or submitting an appeal with the appropriate authority, you can work to fix the issue(s) that resulted in your visa application rejection. And then, you can reapply for the visa application once the situation has dealt with, if necessary.

More notification to your university is also recommended. Particularly if the delay in getting your visa means that you will be unable to begin your studies before the agreed-upon start date. We recommend that you contact your college’s international office first. Most universities have an international office dedicated to helping international students. Because thousands of students have already benefited from their support in obtaining a visa to study at their university. And they will be able to provide you with the same help.

It varies from country to country how you might appeal your visa application rejection. And others would need you to reapply for your visa application from the beginning. If they reject the student visa application in Canada, Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom, learn what to do and appeal the denial in this article.

Your visa may be denied for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes student visas are denied for arbitrary or reversible grounds. The following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Filling completing one or more elements of the visa application form incorrectly or failing to fill out any parts at all.
  • Not submitting the proper paperwork, such as identification or pictures.
  • Inadequate command of the English language.
  • Insufficient evidence that you meet the financial requirements to study abroad.
  • Any background checks failed.
  • Your prior education has no bearing on your course. A common reason for visa application refusal is having no prior qualifications relating to your degree or having qualifications in other sectors.
  • There’s a chasm in your educational path. The period since you last went to school can affect your results.
  • Your course decision does not indicate a professional path. Choosing a course at the same or lower level of education casts doubt on the visa’s purpose. The fact that you are applying to a college or a university affects the outcome. University approval rates are usually higher.
  • Your international travel history.
  • Your country of origin. Each country’s political and economic factors affect the app’s performance. Citizens of various countries may have varied outcomes while submitting the same application.
  • Your application history in the past. Any previous visa application refusals could be a factor, especially if you were previously given a visa to your destination country but were later discovered to violate any visa terms.

Should I hire a visa agency to assist me?

Many international students will hire an agent or study consultant. These help them with the full application process, including visa applications, to study abroad. If your visa application has been denied, hire an experienced international student. Or immigration agent may be worthwhile to help you the next time.

According to Jake Foster, a chief commercial officer of Australian Education and Career Counselling, finding an experienced agent can help prospective students understand visa-specific requirements. These will boost the chances of acquiring a visa. He goes on to say that you should always hire a respectable agent with a track record.

Hari Ghai, a senior immigration consultant at ApplyBoard, recommends that students hire an immigration consultant. Using this network of accredited consultants in Canada for aid with study visas in Canada.

Janelle Chapman, head of the International Education Accreditation Authority, recommends finding agents through the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s agents list for consultants in Australia.

You can also lookup a list of approved agents on the British Council’s global database.

The American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) in the United States has developed a code of ethics to guarantee that agents act:

  • Transparently.
  • Ethically.

On the AIRC’s website, you may find a list of accredited agents, as well as our top advice for choosing a university agent.

Are there more student visas being denied as a result of Covid-19?

If you’ve recently had a visa application denied, you might be wondering if Covid-19 was a factor.

Covid-19, according to Chapman and Foster, has lowered visa refusal rates. It’s conceivable that fewer applications are coming from certain nations. Those with restricted borders.

Despite lower visa denial rates, Covid-19 has caused visa delays for some students. Ghai claims that visa processing was slowed during the pandemic owing to a lack of resources. And that “the reasons for refusal at the time are the lockdown of institutions, flying restrictions, and the risk of transfer.”

Keep in mind that travel limitations change. So keep up with the latest information for the nation where you’ll be studying.

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