A color coded Quran can help teach Tajweed

Tajweed is difficult to learn without proper instruction. So you want to learn online quran academy but can’t. In this case, you may want to buy the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Proponents say color-coding the Quran is extremely beneficial. They claim the colors help you understand the online quran academy rule for a specific word.

To learn Tajweed, is it enough to read the Online Quran Teaching Academy? Can online Tajweed classes use color-coded Tajweed? But the trends show the opposite. Online Tajweed courses are outpacing color-coded Qurans. So, what’s up? Why do people prefer online Quran Qari services over Tajweed purchases? You may have similar questions.

Lessons from an online Quran Teaching Academy are not the same as Tajweed rules. Learn about the Tajweed Color Quran and then see it in action. Then we’ll learn about some of the most common colours and their meanings. On the next page, we’ll compare color-coded Tajweed from the Quran to online Tajweed classes. So we can learn why people prefer online Tajweed to Tajweed with colours.

The Color-Coded Quran:

The color-coded Quran uses multiple colours in each verse. Words are coloured based on light emitted. These distinct word appearances direct the reader where and how to pronounce the word. They also help focus a word. Color-coded Tajweed uses seven different colours to teach students Quran Tajweed.

Tajweed rules help improve Quran recitation. They help with word pronunciation, recitation rhythm, pitch, and chorus ups and downs. You can’t understand it if you’re reading an uncolored Quran. There would be no way to focus, speed up, or change your voice pitch. The color-coded Quran addresses these issues. Respecting these rules may give you control over online quran academy.

What Do the Colors in the Tajweed Quran Mean?

Tajweed, as you may know, comes in a variety of colours to help with Quran recitation. You may wonder what the Tajweed colours mean. The colours are not uniformly interpreted. The Holy Quran’s publisher decides. Let us examine the meanings of the most common Tajweed colours.

  • Red represents Qalqalah: the echoes. One is Qalqalah Kubra (Strong Echo). Qalqalah Sughra and Qalqalah Wusta (Subtle Echo).
  • ghunna It has a nasal tone and hums. Ghunna is commonly represented by orange, but other colours (like red) are also used. Ikhfaa is usually depicted in light blue. 15 letters before Noon Saakin or Tanween may demand Ikhfa. Put these letters before Noon Saakin or Tanween for a 1 second nasal sound. In Ikhfaa Meem Saakin, the letter “Ba” is nasalized. Pink is frequently used in Tajweed rules for Ikhfaa Meem Saakin.
  • Green represents Idghaam, which means combining. Most color-coded Qurans highlight Idghaam in green. Some use green for heavy lettering.

Tajweed shows idghaam meem saakin in light green. To emphasise the Tajweed rule, some use bright colours.

Many publishers use blue to highlight Iqlab in Tajweed

Colors can be more than the seven mentioned above. Some use more. In color-coded Qurans, different Tajweed rules may be represented by different colours. Red may indicate a nasal sound (Ghunnah). Heavy letters are green, while echoes are blue (Qalqalah).

Online Tajweed courses are available

The best way to learn Tajweed is from a colourful Quran. But no. To learn Tajweed from a Tajweed Quran with meaning is preferred by many students. Online Tajweed classes and the color-coded Quran have some differences. This makes online Quran Tajweed classes the best way to learn Tajweed. Consider why you should learn Tajweed rather than the online color-coded Quran.

The Quran’s colour coding is confusing

Are you new to Tajweed and unaware of its rules? You would struggle with these rules. Having multiple colours helps, but not enough to know all the rules. Beginners also don’t understand Tajweed’s jargon. So they can’t understand the Tajweed-coded Holy Quran. A Qari online can help you at every step. On the spot, they teach you Tajweed rules and concepts It will help you learn Tajweed no matter your level.

Tajweed in Various Colors isn’t Labeled

Colors help the reader read or recite the learn Quran, but not enough. Colors are difficult to incorporate in Tajweed. There’s more. A Tajweed-colored Quran is not enough for everyone to understand these rules. Guidance is always required to fully comprehend these rules. You can’t learn Tajweed and get this. A Quran Qari will lead an online Tajweed course.

online quran academy

Your recitation lacks confidence

A multi-colored Quran makes Tajweed recitation difficult. You may be misquoting Quranic verses. Not the letter emission points. You may not become a proficient Quran reciter unless you speak from these points. No one can correct your mistakes if you learn Tajweed alone.

But when you learn Quran with Tajweed online, you get the best Qari. They will guide you step by step. They help you correct your mistakes in front of your Quran Qari. It helps you learn Tajweed’s rules.

online tajweed instruction

You could put off Tajweed learning. You may have studied Tajweed from the color-coded Quran. Due to increased workload, you may miss Tajweed. This can negatively impact the learning process and make Tajweed learning more difficult.

Using Online Quran Tutors by Rate solves these issues. Your Tajweed classes will be scheduled. As a result, you will learn the Quran more quickly and efficiently. To schedule online Tajweed classes with Quran Schooling, click here. To learn Tajweed, contact your online Qari. So you won’t have to worry about time management.

Want Free Tajweed Online?

Weekly Tajweed classes are free. Learn Quran Lessons Online. Enrollment comes with a free week of classes. Free online Tajweed classes for the Quran. Examine the instructor’s style. A Family Package can replace your online Qari. Is time wasted? You can join Quran Schooling and start learning Tajweed in seconds.

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