Packing Hot Melt Glue Sticks The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Hot Melt Glue Stick

Hot Melt for Packaging

Packaging using Hot Melt glue sticks isn’t one size fits all application. This is why we offer the incredible line of packaging glue sticks made by Infinity Bond. The line is able to meet every packaging requirement and comes at a price that is incredibly affordable. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

The advantages of using Melting Hot Melt for Packaging

When your company expands the use of hot melt for packaging could provide a wealth of savings in terms of cost and efficiency. Making packaging using hot melt is fast and simple and glue guns can run throughout the day. Hot melt provides an excellent bond, and is cheaper than other packaging methods including tape.

Change the Tape, to Melt

Tape is typically association with packaging. And even though it is effective in a small amount of packages, when you begin to move to a substantial number of boxes. The tape is more inefficient and expensive. Tape could alter your workflow and ultimately can cost you on productivity. It is also dependent on temperature, so the bond is easily affected. Hot melt glue machine can result in a stronger connection and an attractive package, and all the while saving you money.

Packaging Optional Glue Sticks

Low-Cost Packaging hot melt Glue Sticks for Packaging

Did you notice that we didn’t say”cheap? AoPACK packaging glue sticks are ideal for the most basic corrugated and cardboard packaging. They don’t have bells and whistles such as extremely high temperatures resistance and the capability to join coated stock. But the majority of applications don’t require that.

Premium Packaging hot melt Glue Sticks

These glue sticks from Aopackmachine do your prefer choice for applications of packaging glue sticks. They have a fantastic bond, excellent temperature resistance, quick tack, and safe to melt. This product is useful for approximately 80% of packaging requirements.

Low Odor Packaging Glue Sticks

Infinity Aopack is an aluminum-based (fancy word meaning incredible) heat stick with almost no odor and outstanding resistance to temperature. This stick is ideal for challenging applications. It can coat with stocks, and can be used in smaller areas with inadequate ventilation.

Freezer Grade Packaging Glue Sticks

The Infinity Bond glue sticks work great for, yes you read that right freezer applications. Particularly, food products which will be placed in a freezer or refrigerator. Many people employs them for pop-opens for packages that are at the end of their line when bulk equipment fails to completely perform its task. A high bond strength and flexibility make these hot melts from Infinity.

Dispensing Options


For packaging that is light in industrial applications we suggest the aopack machine. It has the power of a 200-Watt heater, and only a 2-minute warm-up time . This means it can be available quickly when you require it. It also can handle a moderate quantity of dispensing.

For more packaging options, we recommend that the Ranger Pro will keep up with your needs. It features a 330-watt heating unit and a temperature that can adjust with a wide range of applications as well as Hot melting glue sticks.


The Aopack machine is ideal for industrial use and those who wish to change your glue sticks more frequently. This glue gun is capable of keeping up with the most rigorous packaging requirements and weighs less than 1.5 pounds, meaning it can be used all day long.

Are you ready to get started?

With these amazing dispensing and glue sticks you have a packaging, box or crate that isn’t sealed. Contact us if you have any questions regarding one of our Infinity Packaging glue sticks, or to discuss your needs in detail with our experts on adhesives. Previous article


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