Protons Expectation V/S Reality

Due to the recent rise of Proton in the Pakistani market, more and more people are searching for Proton Vehicles gather as much information as possible and then head straight to the market, but a question was raised whether the information provided on the internet is accurate or not. So, let us just say that your eighteenth birthday is right around the corner, and your parents decided that they will gift you a new Proton X70 2WD. But, they don’t know if the information provided on the internet is authentic or not, and in today’s report, we are going to explain that the Proton that you are expecting and the knowledge you are studying is actual or not.

Let us first tell you that Proton is a Malaysian Brand, and the name started to spread around in 2018 in an event which was held by Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Mathair Muhammad. And Numerous famous figures from around the globe attended the event, and at that event, the new Proton X70 was announced, and it was recognized around the world. So let us start with today’s article.

Expectation V/S Reality:

When purchasing a car for your loved one can be tat difficult because people that read information online believe that it’s a scam. But in reality, it’s not. So, in this section, we will discuss the expectation that the people are having and tell them if it’s true or Not.


When parents or their sons or daughter are thinking about buying a car for their loved ones, they will first want to know the current rates of the car before going to the dealership. They will expect that the current car prices will be high due to some new tax or whatever but the reality is that not all cars are expensive; some are cheaper than you think let’s say that you are purchasing a vehicle which is under twenty lacks now how many cars will come under your radar within this budget let’s say about five to ten.

Still, you are wanting a vehicle that is comparable to the current era now. How many cars are there under this expectation? The answer is none. But thanks to Proton, your expectation has come to reality the new Proton Saga MT, which is under twenty, lacks and is compatible in the current era and will give a decisive fight to its competitors.


The following heading is about comfort, and when thinking about comfort, you will probably think about Auto drive, parking sensors, and other features that you want in your car. Now you are browsing the internet and searching for that Vehicle that will provide all the comfort and is able to challenge other brands. Today is your lucky day because Proton X70 delivers all the features you are expecting in an advanced vehicle. Both versions of Proton X70 has equiping with LED Project Head Lamps, LED Daytime Running Lamps. Auto Head Lamps, and Follow me home function. And LED Front Fog Lamps, and it is also equiping with a Power Tailgate. Weights but the 2WD version also comes with a foot sensor.

Both versions of the X70 have different Steering Wheel Materials. The AWD has Leatherette. And the 2WD has 100% original Leather. Both versions are also equips with Steering Switches for Audio Hands-Free Telephone and Cruise Control. Steering Mode Selection (Normal and Sports Mode), LCD meter Combination, Drive Mode Selection (Normal, Eco, and Sports). And Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror, Intelligent Entry with Push Start Button, Front Welcome Lamps, Power windows, Panoramic Sunroof. Is equips in 2WD but not in AWD.

The AWD Seat Material is 100% Leather, but 2WD is fitts with more Luxurious Nappa Leather. Both have Drive Power Seat 6-Ways, but the Drive Power Lumper 2-way and Front Passenger Power Seat 4-way. Are only equips in 2WD. Front Electric Ventilating Seats, Auto Dual Zone Air-Conditioning. Rear Air Vents, Air Purifier System, Tonneau Cover, all are fits in Both Versions of Proton X70.

AI, Safety, And Security:

Nowadays, the best cars in Pakistan manufacturers are equipping their vehicles with AI features so that you can drive comfortably. And you will not have to move your hands for minor things. You will be able to control them with your voice. And they are also implementing advanced security features which will protect your family. From different problems. Now you must be expecting that these types of Vehicles are definitely hard to find. But, in reality, it’s not because Proton has brought its most iconic Vehicles. The Proton Saga ACE and the Proton X70 AWD and 2WD; all of these models are equipps with advancing features and are high in demand.

Proton knows that the number one thing the customer wants is Safety and Security for their loved ones. They have equipped their vehicles with the most advanced security features, which will rival its competitors. They also have implementing the most advances security features which will protect your family. From different kinds of dangers and if there is someone who is trying to steal your. But let me tell you that Proton has equipps their vehicles with the most advancing locking system. And have also implements a high sound alarm system which can be hearing across two blocks.


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