Quick Tactics To Resolve Ring Stick Up Camera Notification Issues

The Ring Stick Up is a battery-equipped indoor or outdoor wireless security home camera. It works with a motion detection feature that completely detects the motion. Additionally, the microphone & speaker is built-in that provides the 2-ways audio feature. With the 2-way audio, you can absolutely communicate with your family members. The main thing about the Ring Stick Up camera is, it comes along with a stand. Then, you can simply & effortlessly place this camera on a table or flat surface. This camera works with battery backup. Moreover, the waterproof feature is built-in in this security camera, which allows the camera to work in the rainy season. The 1080P resolution is built-in, by which this camera offers more clarity footage to the camera’s user. 

The ring stick up wireless cam easily & securely connects to the mobile phone. For this, the ring app is available, then through this app, the camera is securely connected to the mobile phone. Then, you can simply receive real-time notifications. The reset button is built-in on this cam then this button is the solution to how to reset ring camera. The color night vision is there that allows the camera to work the same at night.

Why is notification needed for the Ring Stick Up Camera?

The ring stick up wireless camera absolutely connects to the WiFi network connectivity. Then, with the Wi-fi network, you can simply watch live. This camera is easily connected to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy the live view feature to the fullest. If someone comes to your house or theft happens, you will get direct notification on your mobile phone or on email.

So, notification is very important to avoid theft and keep your home completely secure. If you disable the notification feature then you will not be able to get an alert. So in this way notification for a security camera is very important.

What are the issues with Ring Stick Up Camera notification?

The ring sticks up a wireless home security camera to easily & securely connect to the mobile phone. Then, you can effortlessly receive real-time notifications. But sometimes the issue causes the live notification to not receive on your Android device or iOS device. If the live notification does not receive on your device, then you cannot be alert. Then, for the notification problems, there are some issues. 

  • Security camera not connecting to WiFi 
  • Not add a camera into Ring App
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Ring stick up cam firmware is corrupt

Important solution about Ring Stick Up Camera Notification Issues

If you cannot receive the real-time notification on your Android or iOS device then you need to verify the network. Because notification issues usually come due to the WiFi network. Then, this issue you can simply resolve in a quick manner. 

Connect the security camera to WiFi

If the ring stick-up security camera does not connect to the WiFi network, then the notification issue comes. Then, for this issue, you have to verify your router’s WiFi network. To enhance the WiFi range or maintain the network, you can change the wireless channel. Additionally, also change the network. If the 5GHz network is enabled, then you can disable this network & enable the 2.4GHz network. 

After configuring your router’s device setting, you need to connect your security camera to this router. With the mobile app, your home security camera securely connects to the WiFi network. This is the perfect way to connect the security camera to the WiFi network. 

Ensure the camera is properly added to the Ring app

Many times, the Ring stick-up camera does not properly connect to the ring app. If your security camera does not connect to the Ring app, then you cannot receive the notification. To resolve the issue, you need to connect your camera to the Ring app. From the Google play store, you can install the Ring app on your android device. Then, click the sign-in option & sign in to the account with a login instruction. 

Then, open the app & get the + icon, with this icon you can simply connect your camera to the Ring app. After that, you can simply receive the live notification on your mobile phone. 

Verify the notification setting

Many times, the notification setting will disable because you cannot receive the notification. With the ring app, you visit the setting. Select the notification option in the following option. If this option is disabled, then need to enable the notification setting. If the issue does not resolve, then you can do the reset. But the user thinks about how to reset ring stick up camera, then you can do the reset with the reset button. 

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