QuickBase – A Complete Review of the Software

QuickBase – A Complete Review of the Software

QuickBase software helps improve project collaboration and increase company productivity. Most importantly, this software increases your business’s overall revenue. But is this the right software for your business? In this post, you will find a complete review of the software.

What Is Quickbase Software?

In recent years, many platforms have been launched to empower those inexperienced entrepreneurs. Most platforms allow users to build custom business applications to meet their specific needs. The best part, there is no programming experience required.

Firstly QuickBase software was one of the first providers of such platforms. This software turns out to be one of the most trusted providers.

QuickBase is a cloud database software platform. This platform is perfect for creating custom applications that solve business challenges. In addition, it allows you to build applications that meet your business’s specific needs.

The platform also features application exchange capabilities that provide hundreds of pre-built applications for common business challenges.

How Does It Work?

The QuickBase demo shows that it can be used in a variety of ways. However, this software is widely used for the project, CRM, task management, and document management. It is quite similar to Airtable as it focuses on making tables and databases smarter. Most importantly, QuickBase is more business-friendly.

The software eliminates the need for traditional application development teams to solve your business challenges.  QuickBase is also famous as the most intelligent way for companies of all sizes and industries to develop custom applications. With this software, you can improve and automate processes without investing in expensive and complex solutions.

The Main Features of QuickBase

Many users have been stating in QuickBase reviews about how this software provides innovative features to help their project management tasks. Below are some of the main features offered by QuickBase.

Process and Project Management Features

You can use QuickBase to build apps for process management. The business process management apps built into the platform can improve your teamwork. With the user rights and mobile apps, all your team members can collaborate whenever and wherever they need it.

The software provides the right tools to optimize and automate essential business processes. All the processes will be performed through notifications, subscriptions, and alerts.

In addition, QuickBase software helps you to organize your team, tasks, and processes into a secure, integrated workspace. You can quickly share dates and ideas, create online to-do lists, track changes, use email reports, timelines, and calendars. This way, you can keep all your team members up to date. Another great thing is, the software provides real-time insights and project progress through various tools that promote visibility.

Finance and CRM Features

On QuickBase, you can create financial applications. These applications collect data via forms, streamline workflows and approvals, generate real-time reports, and automate other processes. This will help you to focus on more important tasks such as analytics and strategies.

Stakeholders can use interactive reporting, powerful filtering, and sorting capabilities to gain on-demand insights into financial performance data.

Meanwhile, your team can have fully customizable CRM software in the cloud. You can track leads and update their status in the central database.

With this custom software, you can proactively motivate your team members by highlighting upcoming tasks, setting auto-warnings, reminders, notifications, and displaying results in real-time.

IT Management, Marketing, and Customer Service Features

Secondly QuickBase software offers the most innovative solutions to help the IT department solve problems faster. This is done by automating service management processes and managing requests in one place. At the same time, the software helps your marketing team to centralize brand assets, manage campaigns, and easily coordinate events.

Customer service features offered by QuickBase can improve support operations. As a result, you can provide customers with superior service and quick solutions to problems.

The QuickBase demo also displays how you can deploy and manage entire staff from employment to retirement in a single system. This includes tools to schedule, track, report employee training, licensing, and certification courses. Ultimately, you will also get asset management features to help you track physical assets and devices throughout their life cycle.

The best part about this innovative software is that you can easily integrate it with many popular tools via synchronization capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Using QuickBase Software?

As mentioned above, the main benefit of QuickBase software is that it provides the ability to develop applications quickly. At the same time, this platform helps to improve project collaboration and increase productivity. But that’s not all. Instead, QuickBase offers more benefits for your business to get. What are they?

Enhances Productivity and Sales

Thirdly QuickBase reviews gave a positive rating for how this software brings transparency, improved customization, and collaboration to the development process. This platform works well in reducing work time for specific projects from 2-3 days to only 3-4 hours.

Additionally, it enables standardization and full automation of business processes. You can easily get pre-built standard reports and monthly data uploads from using QuickBase. This allows you to enhance data efficiency and integrity. Besides, you can also reduce business costs by avoiding costly data entry errors.

Improves Project Management and Collaboration

Moreover QuickBase allows you to create applications tailored to your specific requirements and needs. All of your team members will be able to use a common repository of data. This way, they can also access, use, and share information through the platform.

Accelerates the App Development Process

QuickBase software provides a good visual environment. The software is operated through a simple drag-and-drop user interface. This allows you to earn credits instantly by building a fully functional app. The best part is that you will not need any previous coding knowledge to use the software.

QuickBase will be a perfect synchronization between IT professionals and other stakeholders. This allows you to quickly prototype, deploy apps and processes with efficient specifications.

Quickbase Pricing Plans

Speaking about QuickBase pricing plans, the software offers 3 different plans. The Premier plan is $30 per user per month. This includes 50 custom business apps, automation, mobile device optimization, along with data and app integration for up to 20 users. This plan will be ideal as a starting point for growing teams.

Meanwhile, the Platform plan starts at $1,920 per month. The plan includes all the features in the Premier plan. Additionally, it offers integration with identity and access management systems and some other wonderful features. This plan is perfect for companies that require increased security and control.

Ultimately, QuickBase software also offers a fully customizable Enterprise plan.

So, are you interested in using QuickBase? You can get a 30-day free trial to check out the software!

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