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Read This In-depth Guide To Installing Spiral Window Balances

Spiral Window Balances

Today, spiral window balances are one of the best balance systems available. If you have never heard of spiral window balances, read on to know further. These window balances help open the windows and retain windows open by placing a spiral-shaped rod inside a tube. This rod attaches to a spring, which gives the tension for holding the sash window. There are also several sizes of balances in the market to match the various heights of sashes.

More about the window balances, they also remove the requirement for weight pockets and can be put in smaller rough holes and allow for greater window sizes. The only trouble with using window balances is that of any sensitive mechanical object. They can also get rust, dent, bend, or otherwise break, leaving them useless. In many situations, they are not repairable, even if you can retrieve missing/broken components from a matching balance. If you want to install spiral window balances in this article, we have created a step-by-step Spiral window Balances Installation Guide.

Installing Spiral Window Balances- Everything To Know 

When it comes to installing spiral window balances, there is nothing much complicated. Still, it may seem problematic to you work with if you are totally new to installing window balances. Read on to know further to get familiar with the installation process of spiral window balances.

  • Open your windows & lift the sash 6 to 8 inches. Start with pressing the tilt latch at the window’s top side towards the middle of the window, then tilt and pull the sash toward you.
  • Move one end of the window upward. It separates the window from the frame of the window.
  • Then just Set the sash window frame away.
  • Check for your window hooks at the top of the window frame. They usually lock into the frames or are attached to the framework with screws. Pull it up or unscrew the hooks to reveal the spiral balance and place them aside.
  • Install a spiral balance charging tool to the bottom of the spiral window balances rods inside the pivot shoe. Then, press downward on the spiraling rod gently, and afterward press the rod from the pivoting shoes.
  • Turn the spiral balance charge tool revolving it to ease the tension on the spiral balance.
  • Then remove the head screws from the top side of the spiral balance. Take out the old balances from the sash window frame.
  • Examine the pivoting shoes for any damage. Repair or replace it if you see some wear – and – tear.
  • Start installing new spiral balances in the window panel. S Screw down the screws you removed out from the old balances to attach the new balances.
  • Insert the new spiral balancing rods as they go upwards into the tube. Connect the spiral balance charging tool to the end of the balance rod. Slide the rod backward out of the tube, approximately 3 or 4 inches.
  • Rotate the spiral window balance charging tool circularly approximately ten times to create tension on the rod. Place the rod firmly into the pivot shoe.
  • Repeat the preceding methods for the spiral balance on the opposite side of the window frame.
  • Place the window sash into the window frame. Lower down the window, then finally lock it in position.

Final Words

When your window struggles to stay open after it’s lifted, it usually signifies either one of the balances or both of your window balances are broken. The continual lifting and dropping of the window sash might reduce the tension mostly on balance, leading the window to close on its own. In such cases, installing the spiral window balances within the window helps you to lift your windows & keep them as smooth as before, hope you have learned how it’s done.

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