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Reasons to Use Google Reviews Widget for Website

Adding Google Reviews to your website will open the doors to success for your business. Google reviews are the direct form of communication between your brand and your consumers. Your potential customers will trust the reviews even more than what you boast about your product or service. You can easily collect, filter, and add reviews with the Google reviews widget.

Still, confused if you should add a Google review widget to your website or not? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss all the main reasons why you should embed Google reviews on your website.

Let’s get started.

Why add Google Reviews Widget to your Website?

1. Create a Credible Brand Image with Social Proof

Winning the trust of people is not easy, especially when you are just communicating with them through a website. Today’s generation is also smarter and knows the influential marketing hacks used by brands. They want to see more authentic content instead of being flooded by marketing gimmicks.  

In such situations, to make your brand stand out from the crowd and win the trust of your target audience, you can use the digital version of the most effective marketing technique, i.e., word-of-mouth marketing. 

Adding Google review widgets to your website will help you show credibility. Your potential customers will be able to trust your brand’s product or services when they read positive and authentic reviews.

2. Enhance Website with Customized Google Review Widget

If you are displaying standard content on your website like the about us page, product/service page, contact, etc., then you need to give your website something new and fresh. Adding a Google reviews widget to your website is the best and easy option for you.

It enhances the presentation of your website. If you are using a good social media aggregator tool to embed the Google reviews widget to your website, then you also get more options to enhance the widget presentation. For example, some customizations you can do are:

  • Use different themes
  • Use a creative background
  • Change the font style, color, and size
  • Add a banner to the Google review widget
  • Change Language
  • Highlight the important hashtags

3. Engage your Website Visitors in Conversations

Information about your brand is not enough to keep your audience engaged. You need to capture their attention and keep them hooked to your website. If you want to engage with your website visitors, you need to show them something that they can engage with, like Google reviews. 

Google reviews are more than just feedback from your customers or clients. They are the snippets of conversations that your customers do with your brand. You can repurpose these reviews by adding them to your website. Use a tool to select the best ones for your website. 

The increase in engagement rate is not only good for your brand but also improves your website’s dwell time and reduces the bounce rate.

4. Encourages Active Google Reviews from other customers

When you embed Google reviews to your website using the widget, it makes your customers feel appreciated and valued. Your customers realize that your brand values the feedback of the customers, and they become loyal to your brand. They will feel motivated to share more reviews on other platforms for you. It enhances your marketing on other social media platforms.

And when your other customers see the Google review widget on your website, it inspires them to share their feedback with you.

Trust us, this step is a game-changer in building strong customer relationships and growing your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Increase Conversions

A major result of embedding authentic Google review widgets to your website is the rise in conversions. Google reviews help you win the trust of your website visitors, making your work easy. The chances of converting them are higher after they read your Google reviews on the website. So you can then direct your website visitors to the next stage of your funnel without any worries. Add the Google review widget to your website, and you will see your conversions skyrocket.

6. Improve Search Ranking

Google reviews are a great tool to improve your search rankings. When you add a Google reviews widget to your website, and the aggregator tool updates it in real-time, it keeps your website content updated. This sends positive signals to the search engines that you update your content, and improve your search rankings, especially Google. And when you rank higher on Google, you can reach more target audiences.

Final Thoughts

Adding a simple Google Review Widget will upscale your marketing. It is something your customers want to see rather than your promotional content. Make your website engaging and take it higher on the search ranking. It will boost your conversions. 

What are you waiting for now? Pick a social media aggregator tool to embed Google reviews widget in your website in a few easy steps.

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