Refrigerants News about GWP Availability at Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan

The Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan Gas Law prohibits GWP from using more than. 2,500 refrigerants in stationary refrigeration applications for new equipment and services. As of January 1, 2020, recycle and process food will not be bane. And will be use until 2030, if available.

Refrigerants with warm-up rates over 2500 include R507, R404A, R422A & D, R434A, R428A, FREON MO89, R508B and R23. Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan products for systems costing less than 40 tons CO2e (see table below) and services. with systems that cool the product to temperatures below -50°C (typically R508B, R23 and FREON MO89), with additional exceptions. can be use continuously With tighter quotas in 2021, affordability and pricing could become more challenging. Chemours and Honeywell have announce that they will no longer offer the R404A and R507.

The Services Existing Through 2030

Recycle coolant can be use to service existing equipment through 2030, but some of these products. May be limit and may require replacement or replacement.

Equipment owners/operators have several options when working with equipment that still uses these refrigerants. The first point is to change the device. If you don’t plan to replace your device in the near future. Replace the refrigerant next time if necessary.

Generally, if your system is DX, you can reboot using alternate low GWP coolant. DX upgrade options for R404A, R507, and R422A: R448A, R449A, R442A, R452A. (for R422A some systems contain mineral oil and must be replace with POE oil)

Additional DX enhancement options for the R422D include R438A, R453A (same oil). And the system can withstand the additional pressure of R448A. The R449A is optional, but only if it is not in use. POE oil must be replace.

Upgrading Gas for Your Refrigeration System

The upgrade options for the R434A are R442A, R448A and R449A. Again, you may need to check the system pressure. And replace it with POE oil if POE oil is not already use.

If your system is LPR, you can upgrade it with the same parameters. As your system in case of overflow and recirculation. There is a risk of moving parts in the event of a leak. There are a number of modifications to the pumping and water supply system. But the system has not leaked and cannot be fully assessed. In case of drowning Circulating pump and LPR correction options are limited and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The R428A system is usually an all wet system.

Upgrading existing devices can increase product space for non-upgradable systems. We offer recycling services to return ARI compliant products with a moisture content of less than 10ppm. After being recycle as a recycle coolant. They can be store for extinguishing or store in a standard drum for on-site storage.

Renewable refrigerants over the next few years will be made possible by returning refrigerants from existing systems. Therefore, Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan constantly updating and replacing old systems can be a problem for a person.

When the next release is reduce in 2021, it is important to encourage users to modify the relevant system. Due to the current price and availability, it is suitable for alternative coolers. Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan renovations until next year could increase demand and create shortages during the crisis.

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