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If you’re considering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, look no further than the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre.Dr. Martin Braun, a board-certified dermatologist. With state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of experience, you’ll be confident in the results of your treatment. There’s no better place to get laser hair removal than a physician-led clinic. You’ll find BOTOX® and Laser Hair Removal kiosks in every mall, and shopping exipure , but only a reputable clinic can deliver a professional, safe, and effective result.

The Vancouver Laser And Skin Care Centre Offers An Extensive Treatment Menu

Including the latest innovations in skincare. You’ll find treatments to treat uneven skin tone and unwanted pigmentation. The clinic also offers exclusive post-care treatments. And a welcoming environment for patients and their families. The clinic is a great choice if you’re unsure whether or not you’re ready for a laser treatment. The clinic is dedicated to providing a high-quality, safe experience for each of its clients.

The clinic’s Venus Freeze laser hair removal treatment has a positive impact on the body’s collagen and elastin synthesis, promoting faster healing. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types and has been proven to help reduce cellulite. Additionally, it can slow down the growth of unsightly facial hair, reducing the appearance of aging and circumferential lines. The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre also offers LPG Lipomassage and VelaShape II treatments, which stimulate a process called lipolysis in the body.

The Vancouver Laser And Skin Care Centre Specializes In Removing Unwanted Hair

It has over three thousand procedures and 24 years of experience. We use a high-performance laser system from Fotona. It has the longest wavelength of any system in the industry. We can target hundreds of follicles at a time. In addition to a fast treatment, it can reduce up to 80% of unwanted hair.

The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre offers a variety of services. Among its popular treatments are Laser Hair Removal and PRP for hair growth. The clinic also treats unwanted pigmentation and uneven skin tone with Vitamin IV Therapy. The clinic also offers exclusive post-care treatments. You’ll be free from pain and scarring after your procedure at the Vancouver-based center. If you’re unsure of which treatment to choose, there’s a wide variety of options available.

While Many Clinics Offer Laser Hair Removal Vancouver

Its extensive range of skincare services includes PRP for regrowing hair and various treatments for skin to reduce visible signs of age. A visit to the clinic is a must for those who want to have their hair removed safely and efficiently. And with a few other treatments to match, the results can be even more remarkable.

The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre offers a variety of services for men and women. The Venus Freeze is a revolutionary laser hair removal treatment that can improve skin moisture and collagen synthesis. In addition, it can improve your overall health by reducing the effects of cellulite and circumferential reduction. Another treatment offered by the Vancouver Laser and skincare Centre is LPG Lipomassage, which is an Java burn FDA-approved technique for the treatment of unwanted body hair.


The Vancouver Laser and Skincare Centre has a patented hydrogen capture technology to deposit moisture deep within the skin. With this innovative technology, the clinic uses the energy of laser light to destroy hair follicles and slow down the growth of unwanted hair. Moreover, the process promotes faster healing and deposits powerful antioxidants in the skin, which can help fight the harmful effects of free radicals.

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