Gojek Clone App: The Staircase to Make your Dreams Come True

Sounds impossible right! But, the truth is that you can actually start your own On-Demand Business through an All-in-One Service Mobile Application.  The question is ‘HOW?’ As an Entrepreneur who wants to enter into the On-Demand Service Industry, there are two ways you can do it:

  1. Create your very own App from scratch. 
  2. Launching a Pre-Built, Fully-Functional, Bug-Free and Market-Tested App within 7 Days. 

Read through for a clearer picture. 

Creating your own Gojek Clone App from Ground-Up 

By ‘Ground-Up’, we mean creating an entire App by spending a huge amount of your Finances, Hiring Skilled IT Professionals whom you have to Pay regular Incentives, Salaries which will take at least 6 to 7 years or an eternity to build the App. 

  • Why would you need to take Financial Aid to build a Mobile App? 

As an Entrepreneur, you have to be very careful about how you handle the CASH. You will need a load of it to set up a proper Infrastructure, that is, your Office Premise or Workplace where your Team will sit together to build the App. 

Additional expenses like you’ll need spending on the stuff like buying licensed software, other relevant IT infrastructure (Personal Computer Systems, Laptops, Smart Devices), etc.

This is a lot of money and the cost will be on-going until the app is developed and launched.  You might not want to spend all the money. In that case, getting a Financial Aid from your Family, Friends, or Financial Institutions will make more sense. 

  • Why Hire only IT Skilled Professionals? 

If you want to build a perfect App in a shorter duration, then only Experienced Professionals can help you achieve that goal. This will also include a Market Researchers who will figure out which On-Demand Services you should offer like Food and Grocery Delivery, Taxi Booking, finding House help, Spa Services, etc. 

So, your team of Skilled, Talented and Qualified IT Professionals should have: 

Android/iOS Developers: Who will turn Design into an Actual App by Coding it. 

System Analysts: Who can solve your Business Problems using their IT Analysis And Design Techniques. 

Project Managers: A Person who will Plan and Execute your Project Ideas on Paper. 

Other important Professionals you will need to hire are PHP Experts, Content Writers, and Database Analysts. 

  • Why will it take 6 to 7 years to Launch just the Prototype? 

The process to build an App from Scratch is long. It starts with: 

Clarifying project requirements and creating a Business Plan, Conducting App Research with Developers, Laying out the App Design, Developing and Prototyping, Beta Testing, Market Testing and making improvements. 

Buying a Pre-Built Gojek Clone from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm 

Let’s link with the Facts of buying an App from a Licensed, Well-Established White-Labeling Firm with Experience of 7 to 8 years in the Industry. 

  1. Get a Ready-Made App that is BUG-FREE because all the bugs that had showed up in the past have already been fixed. Some Reputed Firms would provide you 1 Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their Code.
  2. They comply with Ethical App Development Procedures. The App Owner is handed a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain.
  3. App Owners can also Launch a Website and put their Kiosk Panels in Hotels and Airports. Thereby, the App Users have three different mediums to place an Order or avail a Service. 
  4. You have to make only a One-Time-Investment because the App is already 100% Ready and Working. 
  5. You can Launch the App in just 5-7 Business Days.


Do you want an instant entry into the On-Demand Business Industry? Start earning from Day 1 of your App Launch? Do you want to become a Billionaire Christmas Entrepreneur in just 7 Days? 

Well, then grab your Phones or Laptops and start searching for a White-Labeling Firm that: 

    • Offers FREE DEMO App trials until you feel satisfied with the App and decide to Buy it finally. 
  • Has an Industry Experience of 7 to 8 years.
  • Has Launched thousands of  Gojek Clone App in the past Couple of Years. 

Get in touch with a perfect White-Labeling Firm today! 

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