Sweatshirts and hoodies: perfect winter casual wear for men?

Whenever we think of a casual winter outfit for men, sweatshirts and hoodies that are probably the first ones to strike our minds. These are not only cozy and comfortable but also quite trendy in present times.

They have existed since the early 19th century and even today these are some of the most popular and frequently worn winter outfits generally for men.

Although during the initial years it was suppose to be an athlete’s wear but due to the level of comfort and being stylish and trendy, they entered the mainstream of men’s casual wear section.

You can style it as per your preference and also there are different types of sweatshirts that you can wear depending upon the look you want to carry that day. Here, we shall mention a few types.

Trendy sweatshirts for men


A crewneck sweatshirt is somewhat a heavier form of a t-shirt with full sleeves and a round neck. This type of sweatshirt is gender-neutral and is generally wear by both men and women during the winters.

These not only keep you warm but also are very comfortable and provide an easy-to-go casual look.  


Hoodies are a sweatshirt with a hood and drawstrings attached. These drawstrings are the main element that makes the difference especially on a cold, windy day when you want to keep your head covered with the hood. These are also available for both men and women in different varieties.

Sweatshirts and hoodies mens that are generally available in the zippered variety while for women there are more options in the pullover variety. These usually have larger pockets to accommodate your hands and keep your hands warm. 


It is just the modern form of the traditional turtleneck. The top is made of two layers of material that is so stitch together that it is quite lower than a turtle neck and also less constraining. Moreover, these can be wear throughout the year as they are available as full-sleeve, half-sleeve, and even in form of sleeveless shirts.


These are probably the warmest of all and you can get them as a solid fleece or the one with just fleece lining. These are not only super warm but also ultra-comfortable. It is their robe-like feel that makes it so comfortable to carry and wear. Although these are more popular among women, even men do not hesitate to wear them.


More or less, these are similar to sweaters because not only are they knit but also have to be button up like cardigans. The only thing that is suppose to make some difference is the hood. These are more commonly found in the men’s section as these are generally more liked by the males.

Although the concept of sweatshirts is not new it has much evolved during recent times. Mens sweatshirts and hoodies have now become a craze and it is just because of this reason, there is the emergence of different styles and types of sweatshirts.

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