THE ARTIFICE GIRL (2022) Reviews of A.I. sci-fi movie with trailer

The Artifice Girl is a 2022 American science fiction film in which an internet vigilante develops a new program to combat online predators. Unfortunately, its rapid advancement leads to serious questions of autonomy, oppression, and what it really means to be human.

Written, directed by and starring Franklin Ritch, making his feature film debut (shorts: BedriddenPowerfulStill LifeChatter Box). Produced by Cameron Burns, Alex Euting, Aaron B. Koontz and Ashleigh Snead. Executive produced by Peter Kuplowsky.

The Paper Street Pictures-Blood Oath-Last Resort Ideas production also stars David Girard, Lance Henrikson, Tatum Matthews and Sinda Nichols.

Fantasia blurb:
“Hey, Siri. How do you know if you’re doing the right thing?” A question that spearheads Franklin Ritch’s sci-fi feature film directorial debut, The Artifice Girl, spins into a tense spiral of moral complexity within the world of technology and crime prevention.

When Special Agents Dena Helms (Sinda Nichols) and Amos McCullough (David Girard) enlist the help of vigilante tech wizard Garreth (Franklin Ritch), their lives take a sharp turn into the future of digital technologies once his unusual method of catching child predators comes to light.”


“While this is an overall enjoyable and engaging film, the final act does leave the viewer with more questions than answers, but this is definitely a film you will be thinking about for a while. Ultimately, The Artifice Girl is a remarkably poignant debut feature film that boasts an excellent cast and intriguing concepts that will hopefully spark not only thought, but conversation.” 3.5 out of 5, Daily Dead

” …a movie that also explores online privacy, autonomy, and personal trauma. Yes, this one packs a lot into its runtime […] It’s an engaging and thought-provoking feature that poses several questions about AI and the legacy of the human species.” 7.5 out of 10, Horror Buzz

“The ethical dilemmas surrounding the applications of artificial intelligence are given a vigorous work-out in writer/director Franklin Ritch’s smart, dialogue-heavy sci-fi thriller which explores qualms about the use of increasingly sophisticated digital technologies to attract and potentially trap online child predators.” Screen Daily

The Artifice Girl will have its world premiere at the 2022 Fantasia Film Festival

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