The Ten Fastest Bowlers In Cricket History: Fierce Cricketers

In a game of cricket, both the batters and the bowlers are just as important. The only difference is that real cricket fans would probably agree that they are both just as worthy of praise. Bowlers have often won, and sometimes they’ve even taken trophies home with them. The following bowlers have made an indelible mark on the game of cricket and the batsmen on the other team and they have produced a very memorable moment that one can see via live cricket match today video.

  • Lasith Malinga –

Malinga is called “the Yorker King” because of how well he can land the trick, which is so hard to do. When you play cricket, you need to know how to run, how to throw, and where to hit the middle stump. With 136 wickets, this bowler from Sri Lanka has taken the most outs in a Twenty20 match. Because he is so accurate, you can count on him to bowl the overs that matter. He has also done something very impressive: he has scored a hat trick in three different One-Day Internationals. Malinga is the first bowler in Indian Premier League history to get 150 wickets. He has always done better than CSK, which is the other top team.

  • Brett Lee –

Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Dravid, and Jacques Kallis are some of the best batters in the game, and they all agree that facing Brett Lee, an Australian bowler, is like facing their worst nightmare. All of his previous deliveries were made at around 93 miles per hour, on average (150 kilometers per hour). Even when he hit slower, they were still very dangerous.

  • James Anderson –

As of 2022, only Anderson is still playing cricket. The other players on this list have played for their country at the international level, but only Anderson is still playing. During his career, the Englishman has taken 657 wickets in test matches and 269 wickets in one-day internationals. The previous time is the fastest one a pacer has ever recorded. When he was at his best, no one could beat him. When he was at his worst, though, he was just as bad as anyone else. His best strength is without a doubt that he can hit the ball with any pitch.

  • Glenn McGrath –

This bowler was on the Australian team when they were at the top of their game as a cricket powerhouse. He was able to seam the ball right by just moving his wrist. He didn’t have to use both hands. His best bowling came in test matches, where he took eight wickets and gave up only 24 runs, and in one-day internationals, where he took seven wickets and gave up only 15. Everyone was excited to see him play Sachin Tendulkar head-to-head. McGrath usually won when they fought with each other. When he finally stopped playing, he held the record for the most batters he had struck out without letting them get a hit (105).

  • Shoaib Akhtar –

People call him the Rawalpindi Express because of how quickly he makes his points. He bowled the ball at 160 kilometers per hour, which broke the record and made him the record holder for all time. Dravid and Sachin were two of his fiercest rivals, and they were both strong opponents. Before he quit after the 2011 World Cup, he had taken 247 wickets in one-day internationals.

  • Malcolm Marshall –

Malcolm was an important part of the West Indies team, which won even though he was much shorter than most of the other players. His average for all of his test bowling is 20.94, which is the best average ever recorded for the sport. When Courtney Walsh had 376 test wickets under his belt, he took the lead.

  •  Courtney Walsh –

After he passed Marshall, he set a new record for most test wickets with 524. He held this record until the Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan eventually passed him. He earned a lot of respect because he was good at bowling and very competitive. He has been the coach for the West Indies Women’s Cricket Team for the past few months.

  • Dennis Lilee –

He was a dangerous pacer who was especially bad for the English. Because of this, he was a fan favorite and a national hero in Australia. He was the most beloved child of Australia. When he got a stress fracture, his career was in danger, but with rehab and regular exercise, he was able to get back to taking wickets like he used to. He had 355 wickets in tests and 103 wickets in one-day internationals when he was done. Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson, two of Australia’s most dangerous bowlers, learned how to do what they do from him.

  • Wasim Akram –

Akram was born and raised in Lahore. He is Pakistan’s all-time leader in the number of wickets he has taken in One-Day Internationals (502). The best thing about him wasn’t how fast he was, but how he could completely change the direction of his swing. Because of this, people started calling him “The Sultan of swing.” Kevin Pietersen, a batter who still plays, was quoted as saying that at one point, the deliveries were unplayable. Sir Viv Richards said that he was the second hardest bowler they had ever played against, after Dennis Lilee.

  • Richard Hadlee – 

Sir Richard is a well-known figure in New Zealand’s sports history, and everyone agrees that he was the best fast bowler the world has ever seen. At times, his run-up was so accurate that he loosened the bails at the bowler’s end of the pitch. The vast majority of his wickets were caused by leg before wickets (LBWs), which happen when the ball is thrown with great accuracy. He used to bowl at impossible speeds, but now he’s working on getting more accurate. When he stopped playing cricket in 1990 after 432 tests, he had 432 wickets to his name. He was a scary spin bowler, but he was also a strong batter who often hit the ball over the boundary.

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