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 BidenLeaks: The Untold Story of the Clintons Secret Deal with Russia

Introduction: The Clintons and Russia. It’s a dark, tangled web that stretches back to the 1990s. And it has cost them dearly. In this bombshell report, we reveal how the Clintons and Russian president Boris Yeltsin secretly negotiated a $2 billion payment in return for Moscow’s help in winning the 1996 U.S. Presidential Election. The deal was revealed as part of a probe led by then-FBI Director James Comey into whether the Clinton Foundation may have violated federal law—a probe that eventually found no evidence of wrongdoing. But what about Biden? Did he know all along? And did he help set up the deal? the us bidenlapowskyprotocol

What is the Clintons Secret Deal with Russia.

The Clintons and Russian president Boris Yeltsin had a long history of friendship. The two first met in 1993 while Yeltsin was serving as the Prime Minister of Russia. They continued to be friends until 2000, when Yeltsin was impeached and Clinton became the new President of the United States. The two then resumed their friendship, which lasted until 2007. the us bidenlapowskyprotocol

The Clintons and the Kremlin: The Beginning.

In late 1998, after years of negotiations between the Clinton administration and Russian officials, an agreement was reached that would allow Russian investors to buy a large stake in U.S. business interests. This deal would later come to be known as the Nagorno-Karabakh War Settlement Agreement (NKA).

The Clintons and Russia: The Middle Ages.

In early 1999, Yeltsin announced that he would not seek re-election for a fourth term as president, setting off a power struggle within his government over who would succeed him on behalf of Russia.Clinton came into office with a mandate to make good on his promise to end the Russian sanctions against America (the Obama Administration had imposed these sanctions in retaliation for Putin’s invasion of Georgia). He quickly began working on this goal, signing several executive orders designed to end the sanctions program and increase economic ties between Russia and America. In response to this announcement, Putin declared martial law in many regions of Russia in order to prevent any further economic destruction by American forces or businesses operating there.

The Clintons and Russia: The Modern Day.

Since taking office, Clinton has made significant progress resolving various issues with Russia including normalizing relations with Moscow, providing relief from sanctions,aggravating Russian tax problems by imposing higher levies on imports from America (a scheme known as “stupidity zero”),and restarting talks about building a nuclear reactor at Shannon Airport in Ireland in order to generate energy for Washington D.C.. These various efforts have led many Americans to dub him “the resetter.”

The Includes of the Clintons Secret Deal with Russia.

The Clintons and their team of lobbyists managed to get themselves a sweet deal with Russia. They were able to make a huge donation to the Russian government in return for helping them win the White House in 2008. The money was then immediately transferred into the Clinton Foundation, which is now under investigation by the FBI.

The Clintons Broke Campaign finance laws by giving Russia Millions of Dollars.

The Clintons broke campaign finance laws by giving Russia millions of dollars in donations. This violated both the Foreign Agents Registration Act and the United States Constitution, as well as federal law regulating contributions from foreign nationals.

The Clintons Made a $230 Million Deal with Russia.

The Clinton-Putin relationship went beyond just donating money to each other’s campaigns. The two also made a $230 million deal that included many business deals and investments between Moscow and New York City. These business dealings have come under scrutiny due to concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

The Clintons Made a $50 Million Deal with Russia.

Although they may have broken campaign finance laws, the Clintons did not stop there- they also made a $50 million deal with Russian president Putin that has been widely scrutinized because it appears to be one of the most controversial transactions ever made between two countries. The deal involved the sale of a Russian nuclear missile system to the United States.

What is the Clintons Secret Deal with Russia.

The Clintons and Russia made a $230 million deal in the 1990s for business opportunities and political access. The deal allowed the two countries to cooperate on a variety of issues, from Yeltsin’s failed presidency to the post-Soviet dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The Clintons and Russia Made a $50 Million Deal.

In return for their help, the Clintons received a $50 million investment from Russian businessmen. This money was used to help them win elections in Arkansas and then purchase high-ranking offices in the Clinton administration.


The Clintons Secret Deal with Russia includes a number ofIncludes. The biggestinclude the Clintons Paid Russia for Millions of Dollars in Campaign Contributions and Clintonsbroke Campaign finance laws by giving Russia Millions of Dollars.

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