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Things to Know Before Joining a Pharmacy | Studio City Pharmacy

Studio City Pharmacy is a part of medical field. Pharmacist is not a doctor but possesses immense knowledge about drugs. He or she is aware of the various combinations of drugs. They are capable of assisting patients in emergency situations.

Pharmacists are constantly in touch with doctors as well as patients. As a result, they know a lot about the latest developments in the medical field. Being a pharmacist requires proper knowledge about human body, several drugs, and the effect these drugs have on individuals.

Why become a Pharmacist?

The job of a Pharmacist is a noble job. They play the role of a savior, guide, and a counselor. One job with many tasks leads to an increasing scope for pharmacist. The pharmacy industry is expanding and so is the knowledge of pharmacists.

Points to consider when joining a pharmacy:

Pharmacists usually prefer to work in a pharmacy store. There are also a few who believe in owning a pharmacy store. Whatever might be the scenario, there are certain points that must be known before becoming a part of any pharmacy store.

Irregular hours

Usually big pharmacy stores are open for 24 hours. Working in a 24 hour pharmacy means long shifts. There is no fixed time for the job of a pharmacist. While on one day a pharmacist is working for the day shift, the very next day they will be working for a night shift. The irregular working hours can be taxing. One must be mentally prepared before getting into the role of pharmacist.

Pharma tech career to become a pharmacist

To become a pharmacist, it is important to hold a pharmacy technician certifications. This certification is a validation of your education and knowledge. Being a pharmacist means dealing with patients on a daily basis. The illnesses of patients can be different. Therefore, a pharmacist is expected to attain knowledge of the many possible medical scenarios. Proper knowledge leads to pharmacists being the best guides during critical situations.

Annual Pay

Monetary benefits attached to a particular career are a major motivation. The median salary of pharmacy technicians is around $30,000. This increases as the experience of an individual increases. Depending on the location of pharmacy store, the salary of a pharm technician varies immensely.

Rising demand

The pharmacy industry is an ever expanding industry. The need to find cures for different health risks is never ending. The Covid-19 pandemic is a proof that mankind is not well equipped for medical emergencies. The need for medical assistance has been the driving force behind the increasing demand for pharmacists. With a population aging, more number of pharmacists are required to fulfill the gap.


There are certain per-requisites to become a pharmacist. The pharma technician must complete high school diploma. A criminal background check is required. Formal education and training are a must. Exam, fees and certifications are some more per-requisites for becoming a pharmacist.

Diverse work settings

Pharmacists do not work with only a drugstore. They work in hospitals, rehab centers, community pharmacies and such similar places. A pharma technicians must be capable of working in different environments while playing different roles. The diverse settings can become overwhelming at times.

Interpersonal Skills

The job of a pharmacists is to meet a number of people. Mostly these are either patients or their attendants. Patients are not particularly aware of the medical complexities and tend to ask a lot of questions from the pharmacist. A pharmacist must possess excellent interpersonal skills. They must be good listeners.

Repercussions of negligence

Pharmacy stores have a lot of medicines. Some of these are critical drugs. Since the pharmacist is the person providing medicines to the patients, the job becomes even more difficult. Even one wrong tablet given to the patient can lead to serious repercussions. Pharmacists must be alert at all times when dealing with the customers. Negligence is a criminal offense especially in pharmacy.

Educational requirements

Pharmacists must be good in maths and chemistry. They need maths to advise the right amount of dosage. The knowledge about correct mix of drugs come from Chemistry. Mathematics and Chemistry concepts are used regularly at a pharmacy store. It is not possible to become a pharmacist without having studied the concepts of maths and chemistry during high school and university.

Physically taxing job

The job of pharmacist demands long working hours. During peak time pharmacists have to keep standing on their feet for hours at a stretch. Managing a store, keeping a check on inventory, refilling patient prescriptions and interacting with so many customers regularly can be taxing. Being a pharmacist is a mentally and physically demanding job.

Wise Decision:

Detailed study is a must for being a pharmacist. While on one hand the job of a pharmacist is to be in constant touch with patients, it is a job with high responsibility. If you are planning to build a career in pharmacy, then make sure that you are through with the above mentioned points. Having proper knowledge about what is in store can lead to a wise decision. Therefore, educating yourself before making a career choice is extremely important.

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