Tips To Tactfully Design Packaging In The UK

Design Packaging UK

Packaging is the client’s first interaction with your brand, and if you want to make a lasting impact on their mind, it is wise to design packaging in the UK per the client’s needs.

Client love packaging that can entice them and provide all the necessary information about the product. 

Tips To Follow When You Design Packaging In The UK

Some companies try to design their own packaging to cut their costs. Designing packaging may seem easy, but there are many packaging nitty-gritty that only packaging companies understand. 

It is wise to work with a packaging supplier that has the necessary knowledge to handle your packaging’s needs. After finalising the packaging partner, keep the following tips in mind to design stellar custom box packaging in the UK for your brand:

  • Choose Colours Wisely
  • Create A Compelling Artwork
  • Choose Customisations That Enhance Packaging’s Outlook
  • Keep Cost In Mind
  • Keep Customer’s Needs In Mind
  • Choose Easy-to-read Typography
  • Add Visual Aids On Packaging   

Choose Colours Wisely

Colours play a great role in packaging as they are the first element to influence the customer’s mind. The right use of colours on your custom logo boxes will compel customers to buy it. For example, if you’re selling tea bags, green and brown colours can be an apt choice for them as these two colours represent naturalness. 

If your packaging is too colourful, it might be difficult for customers to find the necessary information they want about the product. So, ensure that you choose a colour palette that can make it easy to highlight all the required information and entice customers. Once you choose the colours for your packaging design, you need to keep some things in mind.

Make sure that the contrast between background and text is proper as it makes labels readable. As dark backgrounds are preferred over light ones, be sure to use dark shades of colours on your product’s packaging. 

Create A Compelling Artwork

You can create compelling artwork by keeping some important things in mind. This includes:

  • Creating an informative and interesting layout
  • Adding relevant design elements like arrows, icons, etc. 

Choose Customisations That Enhance Packaging’s Outlook

Customisations are the best way to set your packaging box in the UK apart from others. Packaging can be enhanced by customisation in several ways, including:

Choose eco-packaging that makes it easy to dispose of used products without leaving any footprint behind them. Make use of multi-colour printing for designing unique labels for your packages. 

Keep Cost In Mind

You should never overspend on the packaging because you are just starting your business. First, ensure that you’ve created a strong brand identity and only invest in design elements to enhance it. 

Check out many designs before finalising one to understand how much others are spending for their unique packaging. Once you get a fair idea, do some research and check out different customisations available in the market. 

You can work with your packaging supplier to design packaging in the UK within your budget. You can also opt for alternate solutions such as recyclable materials instead of more expensive customisations like multi-colour printing. 

Keep Customer’s Needs In Mind

When designing your product’s packaging, keep the target audience in mind. Make sure that you choose customisations that are convenient for your customers. For example, if you’re selling baby products, choose customisations to make it easy to open your package. 

Choose Easy-To-Read Typography

Packaging is one place where you should never use decorative fonts as they might make it difficult to read. Choose readable and clear fonts that customers can easily understand. 

Data should be easy to read, so choose a size of words that can easily communicate with your targeted audience. Use contrasting colours to make it easier for customers to read important information. 

Add Visual Aids On Packaging

Adding visual aids on packaging is one way to attract customers. Once they are enticed, they are likely to spend more time reading the product’s packaging, which will eventually result in increasing your product’s sales

You can use icons and images to represent your products in a better way. For example, you can use a baby image next to your product’s name and description if you’re selling baby products.

Packaging is an important aspect of marketing, and it can make or break a product. To avoid making costly mistakes, we recommend that you think carefully about the target audience for your products and what they consider to be attractive packaging before investing in customisations like multi-colour printing. Remember, cost shouldn’t outweigh customer needs when designing packages, so keep this point in mind. Keep things easy-to-read with clear fonts, and don’t forget to use visual aids on your package. Keeping these pointers in mind when you design packaging in the UK will help you boost your sales!

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