Troubleshooting the printer network setup issue

Canon printer is a trusted supplier to print, scan, copy and even fax.  It’s a wireless printer network, which means that you may scan and print from anywhere.  It exhibits maximum reliability and higher performance.  It’s a slender body layout.

The best way to install Canon MG3600?

In the event that you already have this printer Service, then you need to unbox it, then take the accessories, and also maintain the printer on a level surface.  Twist the cable in the socket.  Joining the device may also be achieved through WPS (Wi-Fi-protected installation ).  It’s possible to get Canon Pixma 3600 installation easily via the WPS system without needing to put in the password.  Below is the technique to install canon mg3600 wireless setup throughout the WPS process and regular technique.

WPS Link Technique

When the access point currently has a WPS button, then this approach may be utilized.  Getting Canon Pixma 3600 installation is simple by means of this method.  Below are the directions on How Best to link mg3600 to Wi-Fi

  • Switch on the printer and be certain that the WPS button on the router is currently available.
  • Keep pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button until the lamp flashes.
  • Press the black button and the Wi-Fi button.
  • We must guarantee the Wi-Fi lamp collapses quickly along with also the ON lamp being lit.
  • Visit the entry point and then press the WPS button for over 2 minutes.
  • Make certain that the power and Wi-Fi buttons aren’t lit.

Regular link Process

  1. Click “Start installation”
  2. Select area and nation.  After that, click.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement and click”yes”.
  4. Permit Install Wizard Procedure by clicking”Yes”.
  5. Select”Wireless LAN Link” for installation
  6. Connect through a wireless router and click on Next
  7. Ensure that the printer is switched on and click on next
  8. Pick”Putting printer couldn’t be found among the list” and then tap Next.
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  10. Wait for a while for the installation
  11. Hit Next when the installation completes.
  12. Then click”Exit”

Canon MG3600 Troubleshooting

First Troubleshooting Method:

WPS Network

The access points are of extreme importance and they constantly have the WPS button, right-click and choose the WPS Connection Method’  since this procedure is the simplest method of finishing the Canon MG3600 connection installation with Wi-Fi.

Follow the Actions provided for finishing the Canon MG3600 setup connection installation with Wi-Fi.  The measures are as below:-

  1. To start with, check whether the printer is ON or NOT and assess whether the WPS button to the wireless router can be obtained.
  2. Now, provide a profound long-press the Wi-Fi button on the printer before the ON light flashes brightly.
  3. Harness the black button found on the home screen and click the”Wi-Fi” button.
  4. Today, be certain that the Wi-Fi is blinking quickly and stable.  Additionally, check the’On’ light is lit.  Next, you must visit your access point that’s available on the printer and also long-press that the WPS button to get a few minutes.
  5. Now after all of the hassle, you will observe that the blue light of WI-Fi on the printer will probably light up, the electricity and the Wi-Fi lamps will flash onto the printer.  When the printer is securely connected to Wi-Fi, the energy of the Wi-Fi and printer light will stop flashing.
  6. In the long run, only ensure the Wi-Fi light and also the’ON’ light is lit collectively.

When you are done using the above measures, the system link installation becomes finished.  If your device isn’t functioning, skip to another plan to fill out the canon mg3600 installation procedure.

The Second Technique to troubleshoot

Regular Link Technique

If Your access point does not hold WPS, You Have to follow the below-given directions to set up your printer in your own wireless network:

  • First, click “Start Setup” after the home screen begins.
  • Now the program will check for all of the drivers searching for an upgrade, it is going to begin downloading automatically if it must be upgraded and await a few minutes.
  • Accept the terms and requirements, it’s mandatory.
  • Click NEXT to allow all”Install Wizard Procedure”
  • Select the Wi-Fi link and link to any network of options.
  • Assess whether the printer is attached or not if it’s the Click NEXT.
  • The installation guide will come on display and follow along.
  • Allow the setup to find the printer.
  • Establish finished. Click on NEXT.
  • Currently Exit, your job is completed.

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