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Plucking Hairs Safely and Tweezers Set

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Tweezing is an inexpensive method to get rid of stray hairs. It’s also a tried and true method for plucking hairs, yet it’s not the safest method for plucking hairs. Plucking hairs may also stimulate hair growth rather than diminishing it unless you remove unwanted hairs safely. Investing in a tweezers set won’t cost you much to deploy tweezers as per your needs for plucking. There are some areas you should avoid removing hair from via tweezers. Nevertheless, tweezers are effective and safe to remove hairs from certain areas like unwanted facial hairs.

Routine Areas for Tweezing

Removing unwanted hairs is not only a business for people. People with excessive hair or hirsutism can suffer emotionally; hence, prefer plucking to remove unwanted hairs. The presence of hairs in undesirable places is more than just a nuisance. Hirsutism can impact women’s self-esteem and body image, so women who confront this issue turn to tweezing.

Men and women choose to tweeze to remove unwanted unibrow, errant gray scalp hair, or unwanted facial or body hairs. The most common areas of the body that people choose to tweeze include eyebrows, nose, chin, upper lip, facial moles, sideburn area, nipples, underarms, knuckles, stomach line, bikini line, and toes. However, people shouldn’t tweeze hairs from certain areas of the body.

Areas to Avoid with Plucking

Plucking isn’t a bad technique; however, it can turn worst if you pluck hairs from the wrong areas of your body. Besides, no one likes stray hairs on the chin, hairs below or above the eyebrow, etc. It’s also important to tweeze cautiously to avoid ending up with ingrown hairs, scarring, irritation. Places you shouldn’t tweeze embrace inside the nose, on moles, ingrown hair, and let’s tell you: Why?

Don’t Pluck Nose Hairs:

It’s better not to tweeze nose hairs because nose hairs avert infection and bacteria. You should trim overgrown follicles beneath the nose with sterilized nail scissors.

Don’t Tweeze Mole Hairs:

You shouldn’t tweeze mole hairs that may grow out of moles as small hairs. Tweezing mole hairs can cause inflammation and infection. Consult with a dermatologist about laser hair removal, trimming unwanted hair, or removing the mole to deal with the issue.

Don’t Tweeze Ingrown Hairs:

Tweezing ingrown hair can lead to infection and scarring. You shouldn’t even touch an ingrown hair but consult a dermatologist for the purpose. Also, avoid tweezing highly sensitive areas, such as nipples and underarms because it can lead to  skin irritation or scarring

How to Tweeze Hairs Safely

Now you know which areas of the body you shouldn’t tweeze, it’s time you knew how to tweeze safely. Tweezing is the best solution to remove hairs when done correctly. Nevertheless, investing in good quality tweezers set is also vital to tweeze hairs successfully. You can remove complete hair from the follicle and keep it from growing back for weeks if you tweeze correctly. Especially, tweezing your eyebrows skillfully will give you better control as compared to waxing. Here are tips to keep in mind to tweeze your hairs safely:

Don’t Pluck Partially Tweezed or Broken Hairs:

The goal to tweeze is to pull the hair shaft out of its root from the skin. Still, you may end up breaking the hair and causing it to snap back where you can’t reach it. If it happens, don’t pluck the partially tweezed hair; otherwise, you can suffer skin infection or irritation. It may also result in ingrown hair.

Use Sterilized Tweezers:

Make sure you use sterilized tweezers to tweeze hairs. Dull or unaligned tweezers won’t do you any good with plucking. Dropping tweezers consistently can make them less effective to grip hairs to tweeze.

Pull Hair at an Angle:

Make sure you remove the hair at an angle with the hair’s grain and not against it. It will avoid you to break the hair and may reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can tweeze hairs safely. Still, tweezing isn’t a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hairs. Tweezed hairs will grow again and need tweezing again. Consider buying stainless steel tweezers if you prefer tweezing to remove unwanted facial hairs or around a bikini line.


Plucking is an economical method to get rid of stray hairs. Additionally, purchasing a tweezers set won’t cost you much to deploy tweezers as per your needs for tweezing. You shouldn’t use tweezers to pluck certain hairs, such as nose, mole, nipples, underarms, and ingrown hairs. You can tweeze hairs safely keeping the following three tips in mind:

  • Don’t Pluck Partially Tweezed or Broken Hairs
  • Use Sterilized Tweezers
  • Pull Hair at an Angle

Stainless steel tweezers are the best tweezers you can rely on to pluck unwanted facial hairs. Lastly, invest in a stainless steel tweezer set to make the most out of the tweezers you get your hands on.

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