Twitch Alternatives to Twitch if You’re Trying to Monetize

As you consider gaming streaming platforms typically, you imagine one of two options: Twitch or Youtube or even Facebook, don’t you? Twitch is fantastic and if you’re looking to be focused on it, go through my amazing article on how to become an Twitch Affiliate in just 30 days! However, for those who believe that Twitch is too overrated or saturated it is possible to find alternative streaming services. I did a lot of research to find the most effective Twitch alternatives for you need in gaming!

Twitch Alternatives to Twitch if You’re Trying to Monetize

There’s no doubt that a lot people are streaming on twitch tv activate in order to turn our passion for online games to a full-time job. There are a myriad of ways to earn money on Twitch but there are other platforms that provide alternatives as well. The first group of Twitch alternatives are those which offer the possibility of monetization.

1. Facebook Gaming

The issue with Facebook gaming is that it requires an enormous amount of time to get to an amount at which you can earn money. You’ll need 10000 followers to begin making money through Facebook. It’s an enormous number! It’s also very specific in that it must be a page that is not a private profile. It’s simple to connect with several random individuals using your Facebook profile however, it’s not as simple to convince people to follow your page. Trust mewhen I say that I’ve been trying for people to join Partners in Fire for ages but I’m still unable to have 200 followers.

To be honest I’ve never attempted streaming through Facebook. Perhaps users are much more inclined to share their love for pages on Facebook than on Twitch. But, I’d rather to reach fifty followers on Twitch before I can start making money instead of hammering my way to 10,000 Facebook followers. This seems like a daunting task.

2. Youtube

The second biggest competitor to Twitch is Youtube. Live streaming is possible directly to Youtube with the same software you use to stream to Twitch. You can actually live stream on all 3 platforms simultaneously using Streamlabs professional! (Though it is not possible if you’re an Twitch affiliate, it’s against the conditions of service).

Youtube isn’t as great as Twitch however it’s not as well-known for gaming. The discovery capabilities are just as great (or bad, depending on the way you choose to think about it) as is the competitiveness as intense.

The drawback with YouTube is the same as that of Facebook gaming. It requires quite a long time before you can even begin to earn money. Twitch is the least entry barrier in this regard which is why it’s my top choice.

However, there are some who earn a lot of money through Youtube. My opinion is that it’s better to stream on Twitch and then upload videos of the streams on Youtube.

3. was among the best ways to make money outside of Switch However the company was shut down in November of the year 2020.

4. is fairly new to the streaming scene. They boast that they’ve discovered methods to cut down on lag times in order to enable communicating with your followers a lot simpler.

Another thing I like about has to do with the fact that it offers you the possibility of hosting your own television show based on Fox Sports and ESPN features. I’m not certain what the process is or what games are qualified, but it’s definitely an intriguing idea. Do you think you could host your own show on your team of choice? It’s unlikely anyone other than your closest acquaintances would be watching but it could be enjoyable!

The thing I like about Caffeine is the monetization options they offer. They do not offer ad sharing or subscriptions, so I do not find a feature to integrate affiliate marketing. Instead, you make money by asking viewers to buy digital products to stream. There are no requirements for partnerships to monetize your stream.


Trovo is relatively new, but I could see it becoming an important rival to Twitch. It’s following in Twitch’s guidelines in terms of its business model, the possibility of registering to your preferred channel for similar fees to Twitch’s subscription.

If you’re looking to join the newest and fastest growing service, is probably the best place to be. It’s up to the user whether it will grow to become Twitch’s main stream competition, or fade away as Mixer did.

6. YouNow

YouNow is a completely free live streaming service founded on the 11th of November 2011 by Adi Sideman. Broadcasters include musicians, gamers as well as those from marginalized communities that are seeking to make connections. What’s interesting is that YouNow is focused on making money through the community, whereas platforms like Twitch are ad-supported which means that you’ll make more money from smaller numbers of people on YouNow.

YouNow makes use of an in-app currency, known as bars to monetize. Users purchase these bars because they permit further interaction with broadcasters. The bar will be paid when you’ve reached the $75 amount.

Twitch Alternatives for Serious Gamers

Certain people care more on playing the game than earning money. If you’re streaming due to your love of gaming and you want to make a an online community of people who are like you take a look at these platforms.

7. Instagib/ Vaughn Live

Instagib was Vaughn Live’s gaming platform. However, it didn’t perform as Vaughn was hoping, so the gaming aspect of live streaming has been moved into 1and1 webmail. is a platform that lets you live stream virtually everything. There’s news, gaming and music, as well as creative and a variety of other streams to select from. There isn’t a method to earn money from your streaming with The people who use the platform do so because they are passionate about their field and wish to build communities around it. A few smart people may be able to figure out ways to market affiliates on their channels.

8. GosuGamer

However, I haven’t been able to come up with a way to make money from the account GosuGamer accounts via advertisements and subscribers, like other platforms, it is possible to earn cash by playing tournaments.

Gosugamer is the most popular online platform to play E-sports. It has a range of competitions and tournaments that can earn you real cash through winning. However, you need to be skilled in the game to earn any cash from it. However, if you’re interested in E-sports and other games of combat this is a platform worth exploring.

9. Mirrativ

Mirrativ is awesome in that it lets you stream games for mobile phones direct from the mobile. It doesn’t require expensive equipment! It’s a great method to make connections with other players who enjoy the same games on mobile that you are. However, I didn’t find any info about monetizing.

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