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Are you tired of your car’s engine overheating every time you go out for a family picnic? Don’t worry! It has happened with every one of us at some point in our lives. But if smoke is being emitted from your vehicle’s engine, you should know what to do next! 

If in this condition you are unaware of what to do, your family picnic will turn into family panic. Nobody wants to take that risk! So, in this article, we will tell you some things that you should do if your vehicle’s engine overheats along with some things that you shouldn’t do in this case. 

Things To DO

1. Turn off the A.C

This is the first thing you should do. If your car overheats, turn the air conditioner off right away. Turning off the air conditioner will help reduce the stress on the engine. Then, turn the heat on to the maximum. 

This would help keep the heat away from the engine. Find a place to pull over as soon as possible. You might feel hot by turning the heat on but it is better than spending a lot on engine repairs. Isn’t it? 

2. Pullover and let the heat out

As soon as you find a safe place, pull over and turn your engine off. Only pop the hood from the driver’s seat. Don’t do it manually because the radiator fluid would be spurting and can harm you. Wait for at least 15 minutes to let the engine cool down before lifting the hood. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. 

3. Add coolant

If your vehicle’s coolant level is low, you should try topping it off because it can protect your engine until things become normal. But not everyone carries coolant in their used cars for sale in Pakistan so if you don’t have it, you will need to find a mechanic. 

But if you have some coolant, remember that topping off coolant will not help if the coolant hose is clogged up. Other reasons for overheating may include a broken water pump or radiator fan. In these cases, you should call a tow truck and take your vehicle to a mechanic’s shop. 

4. Restart the engine

Now, if there is no tow truck available or you know that the mechanic’s shop is nearby, carefully turn on the engine once the heat is out. Drive to the shop but keep a strict eye on the temperature gauge. If the needle rises again, give your used car for sale in Pakistan some rest. 

Things Not to DO

Don’t continue driving

If you see the temperature gauze needle rise, you should know that the engine has overheated. Stop your car immediately. If you continue to drive with an overheated engine, it can be very dangerous. No doubt dragging your vehicle with an overheated engine will get you to the destination but be ready for a huge cost on engine repairing. 

Don’t open the hood immediately

I know that one gets confused when your vehicle’s engine overheats. You may rush out to open the hood manually but please don’t do it. It can be more dangerous than you expect. There would be hot steam coming out of the engine and you may get some serious burns and injuries. 

The radiator fluid will be spurting underneath the hood. So be patient and try to let the engine cool down for a little bit before opening the hood with your hand. Keep checking the temperature gauze and wait for the needle to come down.

Don’t ignore the issue

It may be possible that your engine goes back to normal after adding some coolant. Even if the issue seems to be resolved by adding coolant, you will still need to take your cars for sale in Pakistan to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. It is important to know the real cause of the problem and it should be resolved at right time. 


If you own cars for sale in Pakistan, you should be prepared to deal with any problem like overheating that may occur at an unexpected time. I hope our article will be of some help to you if you get stuck in such a situation. Thanks for reading!

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