The future of web development

The design and web development advances and evolves relentlessly since the last years, in line with improvements in broadband in homes and popularizing internet access from mobile devices and 3G and 4G connections.
We are currently living a very interesting time in this regard and, as we will see below, we will focus on the trends that have been going strong.


Responsive Web Design or RWD


I want to highlight the fact that, in the last few years, the latest iOS and Android devices have gain in power and processing capacity, being comparable with many desktops and laptops. This has highlight the trend that, along with the rise of the Internet connection from mobile devices, web design follows a mobile-first approach or, so that we understand each other, mobile-first.

Companies Opinion about RWD

Therefore, many leading companies in the development of web pages and online stores design their websites and web applications and they program the associate user experience thinking first of mobile devices and then their adaptation to larger screens and not the other way around. For this purpose, there is a multitude of frontend frameworks and documentation that facilitate the task.
But the RWD does not just stay on user experience rules, but since the beginning of this year, due to the latest updates to the Google engine, this approach has had a significant impact on search results, penalizing users. sites that are not mobile-ready, and confirming the future of RWD.


More uniform designs


Following the thread of the previous point, we see that a multitude of websites and applications are design to be displayed on all kinds of different screens. In addition, the market is dominate by very few mobile operating systems, so we see increasingly popular and common design elements.

Themes Importance

Surely you have notice the proliferation of themes and templates for the most popular content managers such as WordPress that, little by little, are imitating the fundamental aspects of the most common user interfaces of iOS and Android.
This means that, on the one hand, websites will be increasingly similar to each other in user interface design elements, that is, they will be standardize, and on the other, web designers will have to look for other methods and techniques to stand out, such as for example, more original uses of color, transitions, and animations, etc.


The Semantic Web


Many of us already know what it is like to ask the assistant of our mobile device, be it Siri or the Google search application things like What is the weather going to be this afternoon?  What is the capital of Azerbaijan? or even what is the speed of sound? And if we vocalize moderately well and we have an Internet connection at that time, our devices will respond correctly. Today, most of us do it just for fun, but in the future, it will be very important.

AI Improvement

Thanks to the improvement of computers, automatic learning, or Machine Learning and search algorithms Learn how AI and ML works by improving your knowledge with this comprehensive Machine Learning Course. The results of our searches will not be base on showing a list of answers or meanings, . But on much more precise intuitions providing more elaborate and meaningful answers.
Google has long argue that the most important thing is the content, and less and less the single words. This implies for developers and designers to change the approach, . Going from copying and putting words together to fit search criteria to providing cutting-edge and original content.


Our recommendation


If you want to pay for web development, there are two options: . The first one, and the one we recommend, is to hire an agency like ours, .  Which has in its team all the professionals needed to develop your idea. The other option, which is sometimes more tempting for economic reasons, . Is to hire an agency  Like a web development Company in Lahore that outsources or subcontracts such . However, this often results in a lack of communication, a lack of knowledge about the latest developments in the industry, . And additional time spent on project management.



The new trends in web design lead us to a more uniform and standard path, but much more original, . Functional and practical in which development thinking first of mobile devices seems the best option for the future. Are you ready to follow it?

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