What are Different Types of Occasion Based Cakes

What are Different Types of Occasion Based Cakes

Cakes are the irreplaceable parts of any occasion, no matter whether it is a birthday or an anniversary. Everyone at the party eagerly looks for the cake being brought, cut, and distributed.

Different Types of Occasion Based Cakes

As special as these cakes are for birthdays, so is special for other occasions like baby showers, anniversaries, etc. It’s not necessary that cakes must be the main event of the day. It can also be used as a side dessert. Hence, you cannot compromise with the quality of cakes. In every best celebration, cakes must not be expensive but must complement the occasion perfectly. So, listed below are ideas that will help you buy cakes online

Kid’s Special Occasion:

When cake becomes an important part of the event, the designs must be all about the birthday person. If it’s a kid’s birthday, then. A cartoon-themed cake will work the best. Cakes for them can be designed according to their dream wishes. It can be a barbie doll-themed cake, 3D racing car cake, Kit kat cake, or any gadget cake. Order it from an online flower shop in Delhi and let your loved one’s occasion become memorable.

Anniversary Cake:

An anniversary cake must be designed in such a way that can easily do justice to the event. It could either be in chocolate or red velvet flavor. Cake design completely depends upon the couple’s preference. Most important is that the cake must be in a romantic design. You can easily buy cakes online and save yourself from the unnecessary hassles of visiting stores.

Baby Shower:

The baby shower is one of the important events in which celebration is for the mother who carries the child for so many months. From simple designs to classy designer cakes, the designs must compliment this important day. You can also go for the butter cake which is made by creaming the butter with sugar. It is mixed nicely to aerate the cake and create space that makes the cake soft and spongy. Butter plays a distinct flavor to the cake. This type of cake can easily be available on an online flower shop in Delhi.

Engagement Cakes:

This is one type of cake that must impress guests and couples. The cake for this occasion must be not only designer but also should taste amazing. Minimalist cake can be used for this day. A tier cake having a minimalistic design can be a great hit for this special day. On the other hand, a flamboyant cake with a miniature figure of the couple will rock the event.

Farewell Cake:

Whether it is a job farewell or college last day, it is really an emotional day for everyone. There are several designs that can be used to mark this day. Farewells are a big occasion and hence the cake’s design must also be unique. This doesn’t mean that you need to ask everyone’s preference. You can go for generic flavors like pineapple or chocolate. If you are wondering where to get these cakes from, then, you can easily buy cakes online depending upon your choice of flavor and price.

Graduation Day Cake:

Being one of the important milestones for a person, it must be celebrated accordingly. A special celebration calls for the best cake. Choose for the person’s liking. You can go for the personalized cake either with their name or photo on it.

The above list comprises all the important occasions that happen in a person’s life. These are the special days that need to be celebrated in the best possible ways. So, make sure that you come up with the best cakes for these occasions. As cakes are the star of any show, hence, it must look and taste great. Make sure that a cake compliments your occasion nicely. Before purchasing online, make sure that you check for the reviews online. This will give you an idea of the store and their qualities of delivery.

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