What is a shisha tobacco packaging machine?

Shisha tobacco packaging machine are extremely expensive and require expensive technical knowledge.

Having a single packaging machine can be very costly, especially if you are just starting out as a small company.

A better option is to go for a shisha tobacco packaging machine which is much cheaper, faster, and more reliable than a traditional unit.

So, making a big purchase of tobacco packaging machine and components you need in your factory, then shipment to your factory, afterware installation and employee training. This is not a “one-day” work. It will take several months until everything is finally ready to operate.

You may need a small tobacco packaging production line for a test run of your new product or a limited quantity for small orders for your existing product. Therefore, you need to buy a used machine or find a supplier that could rent you one.

You have a perfect partner for solving this problem – a company making shisha tobacco packaging machine. We provide high quality and competitive price.

Packaging tobacco in a clean, hygienic way is costly and time-consuming, demanding a great deal of manual preparation of all the packaging materials.

The market for shisha tobacco and cigarettes is enormous and growing fast.

With a tobacco packaging machine, you can quickly and easily produce high-quality, hygienic and beautifully-packaged tobacco in large quantities.


Shisha tobacco Packaging machines that includes mixing, extruding and cutting capabilities.

This is a packing machine specifically designed to fit Shisha tobacco that can mix and squeeze or cut off and then package shisha tobacco. For the typical 50g shisha tobacco packaging process the speed could reach as high as 120 bags/min. Additionally, the weight may be precise up to +1g.

Component of the shisha tobacco wrapping machine

1. Mixing drum

The shisha tobacco packaging machine comes with an individual mixing tank that has the capacity of 80 liters.

The stirring process carries out by two servo motors that are high-precision that can guarantee the complete mixing of the shisha tobacco and at same time increase in the density of the extruded piece. The gearbox that is used will ensure the durability that the stir.

2. Extruder

We utilize three-stage extruders to provide maximum density and density of the material, and is more easy to clean.

In the extruder itself we also employ stainless steel of food grade 304 to ensure the cleanliness of shisha tobacco, and to extend the lifespan of the machine.

3. Quantitative cuts

We utilize a rocker cutter to ensure accuracy and speed of cutting.

The cutting process aids with a highly coordinated and synchronized servo motor that can better communicate with the front side.

4. HMI Industrial Control System

All front-end control options can be directly operated via the touchscreen. We generally use the efficient 350 type of flow wrapper to be the back-end packaging. The modified machine is useful for packaging shisha between 25g and 250g.

Why do you need the machine for packing shisha rather than other machines?

In this specific field, we have probably tried several different packaging solutions however, during the actual process of application equipment that we don’t design to work with materials that have particular characteristics can face failures.


Advantage & Disadvantage of Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

Vertical packaging machines that are unable to run continuously for long periods of time.

Prior to the development of the machine, we observed that many manufacturers of shisha make use of vertical packaging machines for packaging their products. Following further investigation, we discovered that there were some flaws.

Its speed is slow. Its speed range of between 10- 30 boxes per minute is not enough to satisfy the requirements of the production process and this means you will need to purchase additional vertical packaging machines taking up more space and increasing the cost.

The most serious issue is that after a time of time in operation of the vertical packing machine the weight error is likely to get more significant. In this case, it is necessary to constantly alter the machine. In the meantime, the scrap rate will dramatically increase. This is unacceptable. When compared to the shisha wrapping machine manufactured by Jochamp Machinery, our advantage is clear.

Our machine has extruding, stirring, and cutting mechanisms specifically developed and built to handle shisha. The coordinated operation of the three servos permits the weight of the packaging to be maintained within 2percent accuracy.

The back-end wrapper operates in conjunction with the front end so that the speed could reach 120 bags/min that is equal to 5 horizontal packaging equipment!


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