What is an affiliate program and how to make money on it this fall

Casino gambling affiliate program for arbitrage work in one of the most profitable segments of the entertainment industry. His Majesty Excitement authoritatively indicates to try fate, take a risk and place a bet, closely follow the rotation of the reels of the slot machine, rejoice at success and grieve at a loss.

Real casinos can only operate in a few territories, but virtual ones successfully exist, and anyone from any corner of the country or from abroad can put money on the line. Thousands of players daily spend considerable amounts in online gaming clubs.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate (affiliate) marketing is a type of commercial cooperation in which the webmaster promotes the product / service of the seller company and receives financial rewards for this.

Scheme of work:

  • the customer generates advertising materials and transfers them to the partner for placement on third-party resources;
  • the affiliate publishes these ads and attracts the attention of potential customers;
  • the user notices the ad and goes to the customer’s website, makes a purchase or other actions (registers, makes a deposit, launches a specific casino software, participates in an event, etc.);
  • the supplier company receives a new loyal client, the webmaster receives a financial reward for the completed transaction.

What do affiliates get?

Reward for receiving traffic for each specific online casino. In this case, various options for cooperation between the partner and the advertiser are possible.

  • The Revenue Share scheme, or “income sharing”, is the most common among affiliates, as it allows you to count on stable earnings in the long term. For online casinos, this approach is beneficial: partners attract more “quality” players, who “in the long run” bring more profit to the casino.
  • The CPA scheme (cost per action), or “fee for action”, is interesting for both partners and online casinos because it allows you to get a good profit in a short time. Many American companies, for example, pay $50 for each registered player. A simple click on a link costs $0.25 per click (according to

Reward Options

Payments for a successfully implemented casino promotion can come in a variety of ways. If a program participant wants to receive his dividends as soon as possible, he should choose the CPA model. In this case, he will be credited with funds for each new attracted player. If the webmaster expects a long-term cooperation, then the system will be more profitable. It provides for a lifetime payment of interest on the amount that users attracted by a person will lose in the casino. There are also hybrid payout options that allow you to use both options at the same time.

Disadvantages of working with casino affiliate programs

But Fortune can be changeable not only in relation to the player, but also to the webmaster. The reward is often calculated as a percentage of the loss. And if the player, on the contrary, left the casino “in the black”, then the webmaster remained “in the red”. 

However, most affiliate programs still reset the negative balance after each reporting period, this is usually 1-2 weeks. So you shouldn’t worry too much about this topic, even if the attracted players won today, and you remained in the red, then in a week the negative balance will be reset to zero.

Another disadvantage of working in the field of gambling is the blocking of playgrounds by supervisory authorities. And every time a webmaster has to change links on his site or in an advertising company in a timely manner if he receives traffic from advertising networks.

But the high potential level of earnings still makes cooperation with casino affiliates a very attractive activity.

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