What Is Education 3.0? How Can It Change the Future of Education?

Our school teaching standards are not up to date. And without updating the educational system, we cannot meet global educational standards. Even our best schools fail to prepare the students for upcoming challenges. Hence to achieve excellence, we need new educational institutes with updated educational courses. The need of the hour is to adopt an educational system that can prepare the students for future workplaces. These days, Education 3.0 seems like a possible solution when it comes to preparing our youth for future challenges.

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What Is Education 3.0?

It gives a guideline for making new schools. It develops a picture for overcoming the present educational flaws. Also, it starts with a flashback of past schools. It checks how the past schools served their societies. Then it portrays the picture of current technologically advanced schools. In short, Education 3.0 aims to improve the complete educational system through these seven steps;

Steps Through Which Education 3.0 Is Changing The Future Of Education

Education 3.0 takes help from seven steps to update today’s schools according to modern standards. Using these steps, a school can compete with the world in terms of following areas;

  1. New economy
  2. New digital technologies
  3. Capitalising the students’ energy

It is an ideal educational model. This model provides tools for planning the new educational trends. Apart from this, it serves as guide to transform this model into reality. In short, it is an educational, as well as technical planning tool.

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Identify Why A School Needs Changes

At this stage, the school management must search for answers to the following questions;

  1. What does Education 3.0 mean?
  2. Do they need its application within their school or not?
  3. What is the practical form of it?
  4. How can they use it for updating the current educational standards?

The purpose of this step is to clarify the administration’s views about changes. This step will tell them why they need Education 3.0 based updates. They also need to identify the changes from three perspectives given below by experts of coursework writing services;

  • From the student’s point of view
  • From the teacher’s point of view
  • Further, grom the leader’s point of view

Research processes such as case studies help the schools in updating their following aspects;

  • Technologies
  • Educational policies
  • Curriculum, especially technical courses

Set The Visions

At this step, the schools set various goals. Here they imagine students that the transformed school will produce. So taking help from the first steps, leaders sketch the possibilities of teaching, as well as learning. The school teachers determine the activities of the students. Then they take help from Education 3.0 guides for updating their policies accordingly. Hence, educational teams form presentation for the new models of schools.

Taking A Look At The Current System

This step needs a comparative approach. During this step, the teams compare past version with hypothetical version of the school. Further, the questionnaires or surveys may help in scanning the current educational standards. The participants for such surveys may include any of the following;

  • Community
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Parents

Still, the parameters to improve through this include;

  • Educational infrastructure
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Faculty’s technology profile
  • Education 3.0 based inventory

Appropriate Action Plan

At this time, the school leaders search for a plan to turn their visions into reality. Here, they set plans to change the school by using the following tools;

  1. Educational planning template
  2. Technical planning template
  3. Actual school samples
  4. Appropriate technology based approaches

Plan Execution

After finalising the Education 3.0 plan, the time arrives for managing work on this plan. So at this step, we need approval from the public. The United State education committee suggests adopting its transforms through the gathering of public votes.

Build Education 3.0

After application of Education 3.0 at schools comes the time to witness its outcomes. The digitally advanced schools must prepare students for working in the future workplace. Hence, it brings educational, as well as technical updates to the current system.

Check, And Refresh Policies.

Thus, to move forward after every two to three years, the educational system needs updates. In this aspect, the responsibility of leaders is to transform their schools with time.

Possible Outcomes of Education 3.0

Education 3.0 predicts the technologically advanced future of education. After adopting Education 3.0 based reforms, acceptance of our graduates in the world will also increase. Only by preparing our future generation today, can we understand the modern aspect of life.

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