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What to Think About When Deciding Between a Single- and Double-Hung Window

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of window types and designs available. It would help to choose between single-hung and double-hung windows before you can even think about trims and forms. With a single hung window, the upper sash is permanently installed, allowing for vertical movement of only the lower sash. If you have double-hung windows, you can open both the bottom and the top sash at the same time. Single-hung and double-hung windows could appear the same from the outside, but there are significant differences between the two. This article will provide in-depth coverage of single-hung and double-hung windows, answering any questions you may have.


The movable sashes and sash cords of double-hung windows make for simpler cleaning on both the inside and outside. One of the best things about double-hung windows is that they can be opened vertically and horizontally and tilted inward for simple maintenance.

It can be more of a pain to clean single-hung units because of where they are installed. To clean the outside of your windows, you must go outside or hire a professional window cleaning service if you live on a higher floor.


A single hung window will usually cost less than a double-hung window. Because there are fewer parts, the manufacturing cost per unit is lower. The price of a window will vary depending on its material and the number of moving parts required to open and close it. Wood is typically more expensive than other materials since it allows for the most customisation. Vinyl is an affordable material that offers low-upkeep alternatives for your home. The cost of fibreglass is often somewhere in the middle of the two options.


You may get plenty of fresh air into your house through the open single-hung or double-hung windows. The sashes that open and close have the largest effect in terms of airflow. A double-hung window has two movable panes of glass that can be opened individually or together to let in the fresh air. Only the lower sash of a single hung window can be opened for ventilation. You won’t be able to open the top sash because it is permanently fastened.


Numerous options for mounting single- and double-hung windows exist on the market. Both options are suitable for use in brand-new construction, additions, and renovations of existing homes. To keep the elements out of your home, consider the seal surrounding each window as you labour to install them. Shimming is essential to ensure a tight fit between the weatherstrip and the frame, protecting your property from the elements.


Single-hung units are the greatest choice if you seek lower prices and cheaper materials. However, double-hung windows will provide you with the most options regarding materials and colour schemes. Single-hung units, like picture windows, give older buildings a natural appearance because of their fixed sash and wide range of possible sizes and shapes.

The double-hung window’s moveable sashes prevent it from being made in a bespoke size or shape. However, the variety of styles, colours, and finishes available to homeowners is impressive.

In Conclusion

Both types work great as either new installations or replacements. Despite these factors, the price of the windows is often the deciding factor for homeowners. Despite being more expensive initially, single-hung windows may be a better investment in the long run due to their higher quality materials, increased security, and reduced maintenance requirements.

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